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White Garment Bag for Veil Preservation

White Garment Bag for Veil Preservation

White Garment Bag for Veil Preservation

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The best way to protect your delicate wedding veil from snags and tear as you transport it to fittings and from your dog /cat's sharp teeth and claws. 

To store and protect your veil, slip the veil over any hanger and fold it crosswise, smoothing out any wrinkles. Once you have properly hung your veil, place it inside this white protective garment bag to shield it from entangling with other items in your closet and to prevent your beloved dog or cat from thinking that you have bought them a new toy! :) Store in a cool, dry place that is away from direct sunlight.

• 1 white breathable garment bag for your wedding veil

This veil care storage kit is available exclusively for brides who purchase a veil from me.

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Care information

Although my accessories are steamed before shipping, it may have some wrinkles by the time it reaches you. In order to get the wrinkles out you can either have the veil steamed (they can do this at alteration shops or you can with a handheld steamer), or you can hang it up in a steamy bathroom, and the weight of the accessory will naturally take out the wrinkles within 4-5 days.

Just be sure not to iron it because the fabric is so delicate that it will just melt.

I recommend storing it in a cool dry place, such as under your bed or in the closet. My preferred method of storing them is to fold it over a hanger lengthwise and to place it within a protective garment bag. You can then keep your accessory in this garment bag as you transport it to and from dress fittings, hair trials and rehearsals.

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