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Wedding Dress Redesign: Repurpose + Modernize Mom's Vintage Veil

Wedding Dress Redesign: Repurpose + Modernize Mom's Vintage Veil

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Continue your family's legacy of love by transforming Mom's vintage wedding gown or accessory into a new modern bridal veil or cherished keepsake.

Envision what her wedding ensemble could be - a symbol of the generations of love that have come before you. This is an elegant and beautiful way to honor your loved ones and to wrap yourself in their legacy.

• This is the down deposit that starts the process. Most heirloom veil redesign is around $699 or so. 
• Consult to follow purchase
• Includes a ring bearer pillow or bridal garter if there is enough fabric leftover from your vintage accessory.

Not sure if this is right for you? Start your free consult be writing "redesign".

What do I receive back?

  • Your redesigned and transformed finished accessory
  • Remnants of the fabric that were not used
  • the joy of seeing your Mom or Grandma light up when they see you wearing their old wedding dress!

How does payment work?

This is the down deposit that starts the process. If you decide to cancel after your consult and quote, then this is refundable.

Most heirloom veil redesign ranges between $499 - $699. 


Place the vintage garment in a sturdy box that is slightly larger than the garment to allow for adequate padding. Use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or crumpled paper to provide cushioning around the garment to prevent movement during transit.

Brides in Orange County, CA may also drop off their heirloom rather than shipping.


Customizable. The designer will help you pick the right size during your consult.

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