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What is a Blusher Wedding Veil & Should you Wear One?

All the ladies who dream of their own fairy-tale ending watched in awe as Kate Middleton brought the world to her knees in her oh-so-dramatic, long walk down the aisle. Part of what made her magical fairy tale ending was the veil. Oh my goodness, that VEIL. She reminded us of how enchanting it is to have a veil with that “layer that goes over the face”.

What is this “layer that goes over the face”? In the bridal world, we refer to this as the “blusher”.

Here is everything you need to know about the bridal blusher. Should you wear a blusher and channel your inner royalty? What are some of the common questions and concerns when it comes to the blusher wedding veil? 

 soft silk wedding veil over face and V neck crepe wedding dress

What is the “layer that goes over the face” (aka blusher wedding veil)?

The blusher wedding veil is a more traditional, classic style of wedding veil with a layer of tulle fabric that goes over your face. It creates a romantic, ethereal look. You can think of it as a “face veil” that covers your face as you walk down the aisle.nautical beach wedding with cascade blusher veil over face and hair

Is the blusher outdated or old-fashioned for modern brides?

There are blusher veils that are more traditional in look and feel while other blushers are more chic and modern. So it is definitely possible to have a blusher and to be fashion-forward. Just because you wear a blusher does not mean that you are going to look old-fashioned.simple sheer tulle wedding veil with blusher and V neckline modern gown

white blusher wedding veil over bride's low bun and bride in strapless dress

How many brides choose to wear a blusher?

Many brides these days choose to go without the blusher. But about 1/3 of the brides who I work with still choose to go with the blusher. The main reason that they choose the blusher is because they want that special moment when the groom or your Dad lifts the blusher up and over your face. It is a very emotional moment! Whether or not you choose the blusher depends on you, your venue, and your personal style.

What styles of blushers are there?

  1. Drop Blusher / Cascade Blusher/ Angel Blusher: these terms are used interchangeably to describe a style of blusher that is ultra sheer. It is the style of blusher where the veil is all one piece of fabric and there aren’t any separations between the front layer and the back layer. The blusher has a bit less volume and lays closer to the head. When viewed from the side profile, the blusher layer gently gets longer as it flows from the shorter blusher length down into the longer back layer. It is a seamless look that can be either modern and minimalistic or regal depending on the embellishment.Drop Wedding Veil over face
  2. Detached Blusher: This style of blusher is fuller and has more volume because it is gathered at the comb. It is made from a separated piece of fabric that is not attached to the back layer of your veil. It can be sewn onto its own hair comb and made completely detachable from the back layer. This style is lovely because it adds some extra height, giving you a traditional bridal effect.bride walking down aisle with Dad wearing blusher over face

I am getting married in a church. Do I need a blusher?

Most churches don’t require you to wear a blusher, but you should still consult with your church and ask them if it is a requirement. It is more common to see brides wearing a blusher if you are getting married in a traditional cathedral or church as the blusher gives a more formal flair.grand cathedral wedding with simple raw edge wedding veil

Where does the blusher get placed in the hair/ on the head?

 To get the blusher layer to lay correctly, stylists will typically recommend positioning the blusher up higher on the head towards the crown rather than lower at the back of the head. By positioning your veil this way, you prevent the blusher layer from kinking awkwardly at the front. I recommend playing around with your blusher and the correct positioning at your hair trial.Placing Veil com in bride's downdo with curlsmom putting long cathedral veil in bride's hair over updo

Do I remove the blusher after the ceremony?   

Many brides choose to remove the blusher after the ceremony. But there are no hard and fast rules. Alternatively, you can just push the blusher layer to the back of your head and wear it all night long as it photographs beautifully trailing behind you.

If you order the “detached” style of blusher, then you can remove the longer back layer of your veil after your ceremony and just wear the blusher all night long (pushed to the back). The blusher style of veil is shorter and won’t get in your way as you are dancing. This way, you achieve 2 completely different looks.bride dancing in flowy gown and short raw edge veil

Should my blusher be embellished with lace and beading or should it be simple?

Typically, I recommend wearing a simple blusher with a raw edge so that you don’t cut up the front profile of your wedding dress. This creates a more seamless transition where there is no noticeable separation where your blusher layer stops. Most of the detailing of a bride’s veil will typically be at the back layer of your veil rather than on the blusher so that you still get those over-the-top dramatic and romantic wedding photos without interfering with your front profile.

That being said, it is possible to add on the lace trim and detailing to the blusher layer of your veil, and it is most commonly seen with the “Cascade” style of wedding veils

drop full lace cathedral wedding veil in church

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Don’t choose heavy detailing for the blusher as you run the risk of having this layer fall flat and heavy against your face. This can mess up your make-up and feel uncomfortable against eyelash extensions. It doesn’t bother most brides, but if you are especially worried about comfort or are sensitive to touch then you should go with a simple raw edge or ribbon edged blusher. This way, you are not weighed down.

off white blusher wedding veil over bride and groom for jewish whimsical garden wedding

classic and clean bride in straight cut strapless gown and raw edge blusher wedding veil over face

How long should the blusher be?

Blushers are normally somewhere around 30’’ in length and hit to the elbows. The length of your blusher can vary based on your personal preference and where you plan to hold your bouquet. Having an elbow length blusher is very common as it allows you to easily hold your bouquet.elegant bride with detachable blusher veil over face holding wedding bouquet

However, some brides who want extra drama will choose a longer fingertip length blusher that is long enough to go over the bouquet.drop two layer lace wedding veil over bouquet in bride's hands

When does the blusher get lifted over the bride’s face?

The blusher is typically lifted up after the bride walks down the aisle and her Dad is presenting her to her groom. This way, your guests and groom will have an unobstructed view of your face for a majority of your ceremony.

I also see some brides who choose not to have their veil lifted over their face until the very end of the ceremony. The timing is up to you. As long as you lift the blusher over your head sometime before your first kiss as man and wife, then you are on the right rack!lace edge blusher veil being lifted over bride's face for church

What are the Pros and Cons of the Blusher

Pros of Blusher

  • The blusher gives you a more traditional wedding look that stands the test of time.
  • The blusher allow for outrageously gorgeous pictures. Your photographer will have fun!
  • The blusher creates that special and very emotional moment when your Dad or groom lifts it up and over your face.
  • The blusher makes you really feel like a bride.
  • The blusher provides a bit of extra modesty for more conservative venues and ceremonies, and is appropriate even for church settings.

Cons of Blusher

  • You may have to work with your hair stylist a bit more to get the blusher placed correctly in your hair.
  • Your face will be slightly obscured as you walk down the aisle.
  • If you are having very long eyelash extensions, then the blusher can irritate you if it is too heavy.

I already bought a veil but I forgot about the blusher. Can I add one on to my single layer veil?

Absolutely! The beauty of the blusher is that it can be made completely detachable. So you can order a separate blusher if you decide that you really want that special moment as you walk down the aisle.

Do I have to wear my blusher over my face? 

Absolutely not! Many brides order a veil with blusher just because it has extra volume and dimension. If you want extra fluffiness and fullness, then you can order a veil with blusher and wear both layers to the back for your whole ceremony and wedding. two layer wedding veil with blusher on top of low updo

Summary of the Blusher

So there you have it. The blusher is a gorgeous accessory for the classic bride, and it creates for heart-stopping wedding photos. Brides should not feel tied to traditional dos and don’ts though. Wear a blusher if you like the style and if not, then don’t. If it sounds simplistic, that is because it really is.    blusher wedding veil over bride and groom as they kiss 

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