What Brides Should Embroider on their Wedding Veil: Best Ideas for Veils with Writing

What Brides Should Embroider on their Wedding Veil: Best Ideas for Veils with Writing

Hailey Bieber’s epic bridal veil with bold “Till Death Do Us Part” writing at the bottom made the embroidered veil popular. Modern brides take this embroidery trend and make it their own by personalizing their veil with initials, the wedding date, a monogram, or even a phrase that is significant.  

An embroidered wedding veil with personalized text becomes an heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation. The bonus is that it doubles as a fun photo prop on the wedding! 

But with all the pretty options out there, what should you choose? Here is a list of the most popular ideas for customizing your bridal veil or accessory and making it your own with embroidery.

 what names or phrases to embroider on your wedding veil


What should brides embroidery on their wedding veil or cape?

New Married Last Name on the Veil

Celebrate the beauty of your new last name by adding it to your bridal cape, wedding veil, or even to these beautifully sheer bridal gloves. I love how this bride choose to position her name at the back of her bicep so that she can still hold her green and white bouquet without covering up the embroidery.

embroidered sheer bridal gloves with married last name embroidered in cursive at bicep

Memorial or Remembrance of Lost Loved One on Bridal Veil 

Wedding planning can be bittersweet when you are missing those you love most. Brides honor their loved one on this special day with a remembrance veil with a small image or text. This reminds them that they will always be in your heart as you walk down the aisle.

This bride and groom recently lost their beloved labrador retriever, and she surprised her fiancé by memorializing their sweet dog in her accessories.

bulldog embroidered on bridal tulle of wedding veil in ivory

mother of bride putting in long bridal veil with custom embroidered image of dog Labrador and bride wearing sparkly gown

Your Initials with your Fiance’s Initials on the Accessory

This one is classic, but it is often overlooked! Why not do your initials together separated by an ampersand (A & A) or plus sign (A + A). You can even forgo the "&" or "+" and just join the two letters as the bride below. After all, the two will become one, right?

custom embroidered bridal veil with couple's married monogram embroidery in ivory

Your Wedding Date on your Bridal Veil

You will never forget your wedding anniversary with this one! Your wedding date is significant, and it is a day that will forever mean the joining of your two lives together.

You can write the full date out in embroidery

You can use roman numeral embroidery

 embroidered married monogram with Roman numeral wedding date for something blue on tablecloth

embroidered writing on wedding veil with Roman numeral wedding date and couple's initials on off white bridal illusion tulle fabric

You can use abbreviations for the embroidery

couple's initials and wedding date with lace applique on catholic filipino unity veil for engaged couple

 A Meaningful Phrase or Saying about Love

Those sappy love quotes are just too fun to write on your bridal veil! Something sweet and sentimental makes your wedding guests say “awwwww” and it reminds your partner of what they mean to you. 

romantic love quote embroidered on edge of long wedding veil with scattered pearls

long wedding veil with beaded pearl trim and romantic phrase embroidered on bottom in small text

The most popular love phrases to write on your bridal veil are: 

  • "Always & Forever" (or "Forever & Always")
  • "Till Death Do Us Part" (or just “Till Death”)

until death do us part embroidered sheer tulle gloves in white for bride in halter jumpsuit

Special Wedding Guests on your Veil

Your wedding guests would feel special if you embroidered all of their names on your bridal veil or wedding cape! However, you may only be able to fit them on if you are having a smaller and intimate ceremony. For larger weddings, you can choose to highlight the most important guests.

The bride below had some unforeseen circumstances that prevented her guests from flying in. But they will still be represented in her wedding day. They are literally stitch into her bridal veil!

NYC rooftop elopement with embroidered short wedding veil with writing and bridal jumpsuit

casual wedding day jumpsuit with white embroidered fingertip length bridal veil with names and phrases written in script font

Embroider Names of Important Women in your Life

You are a result of the many women who have gone before you, showing you what it looks like to be a whole and loving partner. You are continuing this family legacy by getting married – how exciting! Now, you can honor their influence in your life by including their names on your bridal veil.

This bride embroidered her Mom’s name, her paternal and maternal Grandparents’ names, and even her Great Grandma’s name.

embroidery wedding veil with stitched names of loved ones and pearl and crystal edge on bridal veil

Your favorite Bible Verse Sewn on the Veil

The Bible has so many beautiful verses about love. Brides choose their favorite scripture about love to show their faith in God and how they are committing their life to living out the truth in their chosen scripture.

I often see the 1 Corinthians 13 verse being done on wedding veils. The photo shows it written out in French script along the rim of her long bridal veil.

1 corinthians 13 French bible verse embroidered on long cathedral length bridal veil saying love is patient love is kind

Your Family Crest of Wedding Coat of Arms

Why use your wedding crest just on your wedding invitations? You can elevate your bridal ensemble with custom embroidery featuring your family crest. This exquisite detail serves as a cherished symbol of heritage and the boundless love that surrounds your union. From invitations to decor, there are countless ways to honor your family's legacy on this special day.

My bride wanted a lion in hers... Ferocious! 

lion wedding crest coat of arms embroidered on a long cathedral veil in ivory

fancy wedding embroidered coat of arms crest on bottom of long veil

A Meaningful Phrase in Another Language on the Bottom of Your Wedding Veil

No need to stick to English! Many brides love the romance languages and include French or Spanish sayings. The veil below is written in Latin and it means something similar to “two souls united”.

upscale NY cathedral wedding with bride wearing long royal length bridal veil with latin phrase embroidery in Hailey Bieber style

Brides who are having destination weddings especially have fun with this. If they are getting married in Greece, they will write the saying in Greek, if getting married in Italy then it will be in Italian, if in Mexico then in Spanish.

hasta la muerte embroidered Bridal Veil with custom text written along bottom of cathedral length fabric

An Inside Joke Embroidered on the Bridal Veil

If you and your fiancé have a good sense of humor, then you probably have an inside joke or pet name for each other that is meaningful to you two. Others may not fully understand the joke, but it is your day!

This bride requested an applique patch for her favorite inside joke. She choose to stitch it on separately to her bridal veil since she was on a time crunch before her big day.

cursive ivory embroidered script phrase for wedding veil self-sew applique for bridal veils and capes

Images of Landmarks or Symbols that are Meaningful to the Engaged Couple

The sky is the limit for this one! You can include an image or memory that is significant to your love story. This bride and groom were particularly fond of baseball games, and therefore they made sure to include the baseball. Forever memorialize names, places, or symbols that have been a part of your love journey in a gorgeous veil. Your bridal accessory will be a showstopper that will not soon be forgotten, and it tells your love story.

Your Married Monogram on the Wedding Veil

Monograms are normally 3 letters. It starts with the bride’s first name initial, then your married last name initial, and the last letter is the groom’s first name initial.

married monogram initials on bottom of long cathedral French lace trimmed wedding veil

These are generally done in more decorative font than standard initials. I adore the romantic interlocking vine script this engaged couple chose. 

ballgown with royal long wedding veil with bow and interlocking cursive married monogram embroidery as bride walks to alter

What do you want to put on your wedding veil? Contact me if you have a custom request that seems a bit crazy. I am a huge fan of the crazy ideas my brides come up with. Because the crazy ideas have a hint of brilliance in it!  

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