How to Best Wear a Birdcage Wedding Veil: Questions Brides Ask about Short Veils

How to Best Wear a Birdcage Wedding Veil: Questions Brides Ask about Short Veils

birdcage hat wedding veil with horsehair and nettingAaaah, the small + beautifully vintage birdcage veil...

You know the style I am talking about - the shortest veil that slants elegantly over the eyes and nose that celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, and Sarah Jessica Parker have made famous.

Short birdcage veils have an old-world retro vibe, and they have been a go-to for brides and women who want a unique look for formal events. After all, who doesn't want to bat her eyelashes seductively through that layer of netting?

You are going to learn all about the shortest wedding veil that there is: the fabulous birdcage wedding veil.
retro style vintage birdcage wedding veil with hat fascinator in bride's glamorous curls as she looks at wedding cake

How do you wear a birdcage veil?

Most birdcage veils (sometimes called "blushers") gently cover the face, reaching to the nose or sometimes even to the chin. You can position a birdcage veil so that it hangs squarely over your face. Other brides place it slightly off-center, eschewing it to one side of the head and slanting it mysteriously over the eyes.
birdcage veil over eyes for vintage style bridal look

Why do brides wear a birdcage blusher? What are the benefits?

Vintage Flair

The short, easy to position veil is beautifully vintage and retro! Birdcage veils have an old-world retro and vintage vibe. The face veil is a lovely photo prop and stylish accessory that is near and dear to brides with a playful personality. 
short dress with retro vintage birdcage veil for small elopement

Small and Easy to Pack

The compact style is small and therefore easy to pack. This makes it perfect for destination weddings, elopements, and small civil services where travel is involved. 
small pearl birdcage wedding veil for elopements and civil service bridal ceremonies


The short length + lightweight fabric makes this accessory light as a feather on the head.

Wear it with Hair Down and Hair Up Hairstyles

The birdcage style is suitable for glamorous down-dos, half up hairstyles, and elegant upswept hair alike. You may have to play around with the positioning of your veil a bit. Move it closer to your crown for downdos and moving it further back on the head for updos. It is an easy and wearable look no matter your bridal hairstyle.
loose bridal updo with short blush pink birdcage wedding veil over eyes with strapless wedding gown

How does the birdcage blusher attach to your hair ?

There are several ways that birdcage veils attach to the head.
  • They are attached to a small, slim metal combs that are petite enough for this cute veil style. Criss-cross bobby pins across the prongs of the comb for even more secure placement in the hair.small and slim metal hair comb attached to birdcage veil with ivory pearls
  • 2 Combs for Bandeau Bridal Veils: Sometimes birdcage veils can be attached to 2 hair combs rather than 1. In this case, it would be positioned in 2 places on either side of the head. This is called a Bandeau Style and it lays a bit more flat.blush short birdcage bandeau veil and hydrangea bouquet
    • Attach your veil to a small hat or pillbox that clips onto your head. This accentuates the vintage vibe of this feminine bridal accessory.birdcage veils with pearls and horsehair hat fascinators for vintage brides
    • The birdcage is attached to a small headband that anchors the veil to your head. The options are endless with beaded headbands, simple satin headbands, or even a floral wreath with attached veil. horsehair sheer headband with updo for reception
    • Short-haired brides can request that the veil is attached to an alligator clip or comb alligator clip barrette with birdcage for short hair brides getting married

    What wedding dresses go well with birdcage bridal veils?

    Birdcage veils go well with a wide variety of dresses as the short length doesn't interfere with the detailing of your wedding dress. You will commonly see birdcage veils paired with 1950s or 1950s-inspired  tea length gowns, retro knee length short dresses, and mini dresses.

    short birdcage blusher wedding veil with hat fascinator with short reception bridal dress

    The birdcage goes well with dresses that have a vintage or glamorous feeling in the beading, lace or silhouette. Since the birdcage veil is easily customized with different fabrics, different styles of beading, lace, and even feathers, you can truly customize this hairpiece to fit your bridal style.

    vintage glamorous Hollywood bride wearing short birdcage bridal veil on the metro for city wedding

    What are birdcage veils made of?

    Birdcage veils are most commonly made from slightly stiffer Russian Netting which has a larger weave that you can see through. Also called the “Merry Widow” fabric, the glamour of this bridal fabric is undeniable. 

    short Russian netting birdcage wedding veil with rhinestone beading in half up half down hairstyle

     Birdcage veils can also be made from bridal illusion tulle, which is the standard wedding veil fabric. It has smaller holes and a finer weave, and it comes in a wide variety of colors. Its beauty is in the ultra see-through nature.

    chic New York downtown wedding with white bridal pants and blazer and birdcage blusher wedding veil

    Can a birdcage veil be worn with a longer veil?

    Although it is not common to see short birdcage veils worn with a long veil at the same time, it can done for brides who want real drama! The bride below paired a bandeau-style birdcage veil with a long cape veil that draped off her shoulders. Now isn't she a stunner? Remove the cape after your ceremony and wear the birdcage all night long. 

    long draped cape veil with burgundy rhinestone birdcage wedding veil for Hollywood flam bride kissing groom

    Can birdcage Veils be Worn with Short Hairstyles?

    Absolutely! The birdcage style is really easy for short-haired brides because it is lighter than long veils. I would recommend attaching it to a slim comb, a headband or a clip barrette attachment instead of the standard combs is your hair is shorter than a bob.

    bandeau style 14 inch russian birdcage wedding veil with rhinestone crystals

    Can I change my veil to a birdcage veil for the reception?

    Definitely. The birdcage style is really easy to swap out at your reception for a fun surprise change to your wedding dress. They are a bit more casual and laid-back than other veil lengths, so they give an easygoing bridal touch to your reception. Look effortlessly styled in a birdcage veil while being ready to dance and move around in this headpiece.

    vintage bride dancing at reception in short Russian netting birdcage blusher veil and emerald green pump shoes

    Do I have to wear the birdcage veil over my eyes?

    You don't have to wear the veil over your eyes. Many brides keep it flipped to the back or side of their head all wedding long for more visibility while adding a cute and fun vintage vibe to their look.

    birdcage bridal veil in white with fashionable blunt bob haircut for city industrial wedding 

     Make sure to watch the video for live footage of the birdcage veil in action! 

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