The 5 Biggest Wedding Veil Mistakes To Avoid

The 5 Biggest Wedding Veil Mistakes To Avoid

The Do's and Dont's of Wedding Veils 
Earlier this week, I had a very nervous bride asking me about veils. Have you ever had any of these same thoughts?

  "Looking for a veil has become overwhelming for me. There are hundreds of different styles, and I don’t know where to start. I am just so lost and blindly looking through pages of veils on Pinterest without knowing whether I will like how it looks with my dress!"

Have you had any of these same thoughts and fears? Your questions are totally valid.  

That is why I want you to teach you the “Do’s and Don’ts” of wedding veils that will keep you from wasting your money and your time.

I know that you have a million other ways that you can spend your money on your wedding. And whether or not you purchase from me or from someone else, I fully believe that your hard-earned money should go towards making you and your groom feel special.

elegant bride with low updo putting on long cathedral simple bridal veil with bridesmaid

beautiful curvy bride wearing a long cathedral length 108 inch veil to compliment her strapless gown

MISTAKE #1: To Refuse to Even Try on a Veil

Maybe you are a woman who is super sure of her style. You are more fashion-forward and simplistic. You already know that you DO NOT want a wedding veil. You are not a traditional girl, so why would you want a veil?  

I cannot tell you how many brides I work with who thought that they would never EVER in a million years wear a wedding veil.   Until that magical moment that she tried one on!

You just never know until you actually have a veil on. A wedding veil can make a beautiful woman finally feel like a bride. It transforms a beautiful woman into a white gown into a beautiful bride.

When you are trying on dresses, at least try on a few different styles of veils to help you be 100% sure one way or the other. What’s the harm? It is the one and only day in your life that you will ever be able to wear one, so now is the time to explore your options.

I have even had brides who order a veil just for a few photos that their photographer snaps before or after the ceremony. Sometimes this is just to satisfy Mom as Moms tend to have a thing for wedding veils!

embroidered long wedding veil with custom quote on bottom cathedral length

long wedding veil with custom quote on bottom for southern ca wedding
MISTAKE #2 Choosing your Veil Before your Dress

Hey, I get it. I am overly enthusiastic about bridal accessories too!   But please, do not, DO NOT choose your veil before the dress.   It is important that your veil coordinates with your dress, and it is impossible to do so before you actually have your wedding dress.

Your veil does not need to match  your  dress perfectly (we do not want your look to be too "matchy"). But you should tie in 1 or 2 details from your dress to your veil so that your veil complements your dress without overpowering it. 

For example, if your dress has some sort of scalloped lace or embroidery throughout, then it can be really stunning to tie in this same scalloped detail with a veil with a scalloped edge. Or, if your dress has some clear or pearl beading then you can incorporate this same style of rhinestone or sparkle throughout your veil.

Examples of complimenting your wedding dress and veil without matching

My gorgeous bride was getting married outdoors, and her A-line dress had whimsical flower detailing throughout the lace fabric. We wanted to tie in the same floral detail into her wedding veil so that her veil complimented her dress without distracting.

floral swirl French lace fingertip veil with low back romantic lace gown for outdoor wedding

fingertip length off white veil with lace trim for sheath bridal gown in garden

There is a rare exception to this rule that you want to pick out your wedding dress before your veil – sometimes brides will have a veil that has been passed down for generations in the family.

So sweet! If this is the case, then you will need to keep your heirloom bridal veil in mind as you are wedding dress shopping.  

If your vintage veil just does not match the dress of your dreams, then it is always possible to do an “heirloom re-design” of your vintage veil. I like to change out the color of the tulle or incorporate bits of lace and beading from the vintage veil into a whole new design.

Make sure to tell your bridal consultant about your heirloom veil that you are wanting to wear before she starts selecting gowns. And this will be even easier if you are able to actually bring your heirloom veil in with you as you go dress shopping!

extra full two layer long wedding veil with lace gown for plus size bride

MISTAKE #3 Not Securing your Veil Properly

There have been an outpouring of viral “veil fail” videos of poor brides having their veil ripped out as they walk down the aisle or blowing off mid-ceremony. There is a very easy remedy to this situation.  

  1.  First off, I recommend working with a professional hairstylist to help figure out the best way to place the veil in your hair. He or she has done this hundreds of times and will know how to best secure the veil while making it blend seamlessly with your hairdo. If you plan ahead, then I would recommend having your veil completed and ready-to-go before you have your first bridal hair trail. It helps a lot if you can bring your veil with you to your rehearsal hair appointment so that you practice where you want the veil placed on your head.
  2. Veil combs are curved metal with loops to help you secure the veil to your hair. The curve should follow the shape of your head when you insert the veil. You will know very quickly if you have not placed it in your hair in the correct way as the comb will not lay flat against your head. 
  3. I always recommend anchoring the comb of your veil to your hair with a few bobby pins too (criss-crossed for extra grip!). You would place the bobby pins or hair pins through the "teeth" or prongs of the hair comb.
For more tips on veil placement, make sure to read How to Wear your Veil in your Hair.
    putting on diamond white wedding veil in downdo curls

      The Correct Way to Place a Wedding Veil Comb in Your Hair for a Mantilla Veil 

      MISTAKE #4 Choosing a Veil that Overwhelms You

      Did you know that Coco Chanel has some words of advice for you?

      "Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance"

      You’ve got the dress, the sparkly jewelry, the glamorous sash, the cute heels (or flats, if you’re more like me!), the hairpiece, AND the extravagant veil. If it sounds like a lot, it is because it is!  

      In my professional opinion, less is always more. Remember, we want everyone to be focused on your and your beauty rather than on all your gorgeous accessories. It feels like a funny thing for a bridal veil designer like me to be saying, right? But my ultimate goal is to make you look and feel beautiful and gorgeous walking down that aisle.  

      If you have a dress that is more simple without a lot of embellishments (such as an understated silk or satin sheath), then by all means you can go extravagant with your veil. But it your dress has lace, beading, appliques, flowers, tulle, and other intricate designs then it may be better to go with a simple veil. You can see a beautiful example of this "less is more" motto on my stunning bride in a 

      Let’s keep the focus on YOU, okay?

      bride in mikado ballgown with long lace wedding veil as she reads note from groom

      all lace cathedral length wedding veil on bride hugging flower girl with hair wreath

      MISTAKE #5 Letting Tradition Dictate your Bridal Style

      Have you asked yourself these types of questions?  

      1.  I’m not a spring chicken anymore, so is it even appropriate for me to wear a veil?  
      2. Is it right to wear a wedding veil for a second marriage?  
      3. Can I wear my veil all night long even for the reception or is there a right time to take it off? 

       It’s your special day and your time to celebrate how far you and your husband have come in your journey together. Let’s forget the rules! Do whatever feels comfortable to you and natural. Well-intentioned friends and family will have loads of opinions on what you should or should not be doing, and the professionals in the industry will also have best tips and practices. However, there really is no right answer to how you do things.

      If you are a visual person, make sure to watch the explain video below.

      For a personalized styling recommendation, e-mail me at with a photo of your dress.

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