Statement Bridal Capes for your Wedding Dress or Jumpsuit: Cloaks for Every Style

Statement Bridal Capes for your Wedding Dress or Jumpsuit: Cloaks for Every Style

gold brooch wedding cape attached to strapless gown

I adore bridal capes so much because of their versatility. Whether you are a modern woman who is all about clean lines & pure silhouettes, or whether you are a more traditional romantic who wants a touch of lace and sparkle to gild your princess gown, there is a bridal cape veil that fits your aesthetic. Even the bohemian free spirit finds her voice in some of the ultra sheer styles in shades of ivory and cream. Read on to discover the most popular bridal cape styles and which style is right for you and your aesthetic.

Gorgeous Wedding Capes for your Bridal Style

1. Romantic Bridal Cape

A wearable goddess-inspired bridal cape is meant for the romance-junkie gal who grew up on Jane Austen, who adores sappy love movies, and who believe that true love wins in the end.


2. Feminine Bridal Capes

Charmingly "girly" brides adore the bow details that are incorporated into wedding dresses these days. But perhaps you fell in love with a gown without bows? All is not lost! You can still have your bows!

Small Detachable Tulle Shoulder Bows

How about doing some detachable bow pins or clips that can be added onto any bridal cape or veil? The bride below wasn't sure if the bows would be her style. To cover her bases, she made sure to request them in the detached style. A bride has got to have options! She figured that if she didn't like the bows with her dress that she would gift them to her flower girls. 

detachable shoulder cape dainty small bows

Preppy Horsehair Bow for Reception

Horsehair has a stiffer characteristic that will keep your bridal bows in shape all night long no matter how much you dance. Layer a horsehair bow with your bridal cape for your ceremony and then remove your cape afterwords, moving your pretty bow to your hair. Your horsehair bow changes up your look while keeping your bridal look fresh and modern.

horsehair bow in half up hairstyle or reception

One Shoulder Oversized Bow Watteau Cape

Ideal for modern, asymmetric gowns with a one-shoulder design, this trailing oh-so-soft tulle floats in the most charming way. The oversized lightweight bow emphasizes an architectural one shoulder dress design. What a stunner!

one shoulder oversized tulle bow cape for asymmetrical gown

3. Clean Minimalist Bridal Cape Wings

The beauty of these narrow "wings" is in the flow of the ultra light fabric that sways so beautifully to the whisper of wind. No need to be hampered by heavy and ostentatious beadwork. These clean lines accentuate your natural beauty and the beauty of your gown without overtaking.

destination wedding with light tulle cape wings chapel length

4. Ethereal Star-Studded Bridal Capes

I know you delightful celestial-inspired stargazers are out there! This star-studded cape harnesses the magic of the shooting stars and the majesty of the galaxies all in one wearable piece of art. Best of all, it comes in either silver or gold!

draped sparkly draped wedding cape veil in gold star tulle

5. Lightweight Wedding Capes for Destination Beach Weddings

When it comes to your destination wedding, it is all about going with a look that:

  • travels well
  • is easy to assemble
  • doesn’t require last-minute alterations or fixes

The reason that a cape works so well for destination weddings is because most of them are NOT made from the standard bridal illusion tulle that wrinkles so easily. In order to achieve the draping that is required in a wedding cape, most are made from synthetic blend fabrics. This means that they don’t crease as easily as many wedding veils.

The capes are also much easier to attach to your gown as compared to a veil. You don’t have to worry about attaching it in your hair or coordinating with your hair stylist. Capes are easy to slip off, and you don’t need help removing it after your ceremony.

beachside elopement with white tulle bridal wing veil

6. Elegant Gothic Black Wedding Cape

If you love wearing black in your day to day life, then why should your wedding day be any different? The deepness and richness of the color is beautifully slimming. Plus, you will certainly make an unforgettable statement in this classic color.

black star draped bridal cape for gothic elegant wedding

7. Bohemian Cape Wrap for Wedding

Earthy and natural, this bridal cape is ideal for brides who want to forgo silk or other natural components for ethical reasons. The best part is that the synthetic fibers of this cape wrap are a bit more forgiving and resilient for a country chic outdoor wedding bash where there may be rough terrain.

bohemian rustic wedding with with draped bridal cape veil

Styles of Bridal Capes with Jumpsuits, Dresses, and Wedding Outfits

If you are concerned about how a cape or cloak pairs with your wedding dress or bridal outfit, then look no further. Learn how to pair a cape with a short dress, a jumpsuit, and even a colored wedding gown.

1. Short dresses with Bridal Capes

Short tea length and knee length wedding dresses are sweet, playful, and fun. Show off your legs in a mini dress but get all of that delicious drama with a long floor length cape that makes you feel special.

floor length sparkly bridal cape for tea length wedding gown

2. Wedding Jumpsuits with Bridal Cape

A modern and chic look for your wedding day, a jumpsuit or pantsuit is a sophisticated change from the traditional white wedding dress. The jumpsuit is a beautiful alternative if you are wanting something fuss-free for your simple service or if you have always just felt more you in pants. Plus, you can score extra fashion points pairing it with a cape veil that gives you the unexpected "wow" factor.

cream pantsuit jumpsuit with gold tulle bridal cape

cream wedding pantsuit with gold celestial cape veil

3. Colored Rehearsal Dinner Dresses with Wedding Cape

Be the belle of the ball and feel like pure royalty for your rehearsal dinner in a rich-colored gown like this velvet ensemble. A contrasting sparkly bridal cape adds drama while giving this bride a "black tie" formality. A formal style like this works stunningly for bridal shoots, anniversary photos, or vow renewals.

emerald green velvet dress with gold tulle star cape

4. Draped Cape for Open Back Wedding Dress

You fell in love with your dress because of that daringly brave low back, so let's not cover up that beauty! Play up the romantic appeal of your back-baring gown with a deeply draped cape that scoops enticingly below the cut of your dress. This draped style is perfect for low V back dresses, scoop back dresses, backless dresses, and even keyhole back dresses. A winning combination! 

desert wedding with deep scoop draped bridal cape and low backed gown

wearing silver star celestial draped cape and dogs in wedding

Sheer Bridal Cape for Long Sleeved Dresses

When you have beautifully detailed long sleeves on your gown, you want a touch of sheer magic without overwhelming. A tulle bridal cape is perfect for you so that you don't obscure the magic of your long-sleeved stunner.

draped cape for long sleeved wedding dress

There is a reason that brides and stylists are excitedly chattering about bridal capes. If you want to learn more about some of the frequently asked questions about capes, then check out The Most Stunning Bridal Cape Veils for Wedding Dresses. 

Make sure to request free fabric swatches to see if this is a trend you would be interested in. 

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