Most Stunning Bridal Cape Veil Styles: Pearl, Tulle and Lace

Most Stunning Bridal Cape Veil Styles: Pearl, Tulle and Lace

If you are not the type of woman who has always fantasized about a long wedding veil, then you may want to adopt the new bridal cape trend that is making an imaginative splash on all the runways. Fashion designers and brides alike have been putting a modern spin on the traditional wedding veil. Say goodbye to the wedding veil and hello to the “bridal cape”.

Whether you are wanting a bit more coverage for your ceremony, a fun “surprise” look that is different from all of your friends who have gotten married, or whether you want an easy way to change your look up as you go from ceremony to reception, then this stunning, eye-catching accessory may be something you want to claim as your own.

What is a Bridal Cape?

The cape is a separate bridal accessory that goes over and on top of your wedding gown. There are some wedding gowns that already have the cape built into their look, but I lean towards the detachable bridal capes because they can be taken off. You get 2 looks in 1!

romantic flowing bridal cape for sunset destination wedding in Nevada

Best Reasons to Wear a Bridal Cape with your Gown

1. Won’t mess up your hair

You are going to spend at least a solid hour or two getting your hair straightened, curled, and pinned on your big day. So why run the risk of messing it up with a veil? The cape gives you that “veil feeling” while easily attaching to your sleeves or the bodice of your wedding gown. As an added bonus, you don’t have to worry about securing your veil with extra bobby pins in your hair (aka securing it the right way) to prevent it from falling out midway through your ceremony!

sparkly star studded tulle bridal cape for celestial wedding

2. Bridal Capes are an easy way to change up your look from ceremony to reception

These days, many brides change out of their ceremony wedding dress into a more comfortable reception dress. With a cape, you don’t have to rush around undoing zippers and buttons to achieve your new look. Just unclip your wedding cape or slip it off for a completely different style at your reception.

 grand canyon wedding with off white sheer bridal cape at shoulders

3. Add drama with a bridal cape veil

A simple white sheath dress is transformed into a gilded masterpiece with a gracefully- embellished wedding cape. Choose a long cape if your gown does not have a train, and you can capture some of the dramatic photos of the featherlight tulle trailing behind you. Top your magical ensemble off with a trimming of fanciful lace along the bottom edge.

 draped capes with lace trim on bottom

4. Stay warm even outside with a fur winter bridal cape

There is nothing more fairy-tale inspired than a winter wedding when the frost bites your nose and the snow is softly falling! Stay bundled up with a cape that adds warmth from the blustery weather while still being fashionable.

fur trimmed satin cape with hood for outdoor winter weddings

Gorgeous Styles of Bridal Capes

Draped Cape Veils

white deep drape cap veil for lace short sleeved dress 

An alternative take on the classic wedding veil, these capes have a tastefully sophisticated deep drape at the back. The “peek-a-book” effect elevates your dress to the height of swoon-worthy glamour and fashion. It allows you to show off a low-back dress or to gently frame the back detailing of your dress.The bonus is that most of these can be worn in 2 ways.

Wear the draped cape pinned to the shoulders or bodice of your gown

deep drape wedding cape veil with simple gold back necklace

Bonus points if you add a back necklace or statement jewelry to emphasize the curve of this cape as the bride above did!!

Wear the draped cape veil as a more traditional accessory in the hair

deep drape cape veil in half up hairstyle for tropical wedding

If you plan on wearing your cape veil in your hair, then make sure to request that they are attached to combs rather than clips for easy and secure placement in the hair.  

Bridal Cape “Wings”

Heighten your senses in a feather-light wing set that is so sheer and gossamery that you can dance the night away. In contrast to the cape, the bridal wings are two separate detachable pieces of fabric that are the height of sheerness while still being full enough to add dimension and movement as you walk.

scooped back gown with thin cape wings attached at shouldersWhy brides love bridal wing capes

Cape wings are transportable for outdoor weddings and light enough to let the wind play with them for those photographs! 

bridal cape wings on shoulders with half up half down hairstyle

Sometimes bridal wings can also be called "trailing sleeves" or "detachable sleeves for gowns"

This terminology is because of the romantic illusion that your sleeves are trailing behind you.The bride below didn't want to fuss with a veil for her small elopement, but some knee length "trailing sleeves" were just the right fit.

bridal wing trailing sleeves on thin strapped gown

Colored Capes that are not white or ivory

Give a classic wedding gown major personality with a brightly colored cloak or cape. How does that saying go.... "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE"! Why not play up your fun, flirty style with a touch of blue in your cape? Thanks to hand-dying techniques, you are able to add just a touch of color to the end of your cape. It is a refined surprise that reflects your vibrant nature without scandalizing Grandma.

Bright Blue Bridal Capes 

Dark Blue Bridal Cape Veil

Baby Blue Cape Veil

baby blue shoulder cape with stars over lace gown

4. Scattered Pearl Bridal Capes

Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend obviously hadn’t spent enough time with pearls. Luminescent and gloriously polished, these dainty beauties add a timeless elegance to any look that is reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn. Play it up by pairing it with some beautiful pearl earrings or a necklace.

scattered pearl bridal cape wrap chapel length

You don't even have to go with white pearls. This bride below chose pearls in muted shades of green, earthy blue, and taupe.

 muted pink green and taupe pearl edged bridal cape

5. Short Wedding Capes in Tulle

Chic and stylish, I know that some of you brides just don’t have the time or patience to be dealing with a long cape that may interfere with your ease of movement. You have guests to greet, a husband to twinkle for, and a cake to cut. No one's got time to fuss with a long piece of fabric. That is why short and sweet bridal capes have your name on it. Get that drama without slowing you down. The cape below makes a feminine statement with a subtle blush pink hue.

 blush pink flower short bridal cape wrap

6. Lace Bridal Capes

Gold Lace Trimmed Bridal Cape

A metallic lace trim in this royal-inspired masterpiece contrasts so beautifully with the bride's traditional red Indian dress. A lace embellished cape works with a look as unique as hers as well as with clean-lined silhouettes.

gold lace trimmed cloak for Indian wedding with red dress

Chapel Length Bridal Cape with Lace Applique at Shoulders

If you aren't quite prepared for the intensity of an all-lace veil, then a more understated cape with subtle touches of lace at the shoulders has your name on it.

lace draped cape veil for bride in ivory tulle

All Lace Bridal Cape with Hood

If you are a true lover of lace and want that mysterious romantic vibe, then why not choose on allover lace cape? The hood gives extra drama. And let's face it, who doesn't love a good hoodie? 

allover lace bridal cape with hood in off white

7. Long Tulle Bridal Capes

Draped from sweeping featherlight tulle fabric, these capes are a favorite for brides because they add mystery and beauty without covering up any of the gorgeousness of your dress. Sheer and see-through, the fabric is a nod to the traditional veil with a surprising twist.

bridal cape in sheer tulle with crystal brooch white

Common Questions about Wedding Cloaks

Can I wear a bridal cape with a veil?

You are the bride, so you are in the driver’s seat! There are no rules. However, it can be challenging to pair a long cape with a long cathedral veil as you run the risk of obscuring the beauty of each individual piece. If you are wearing a cape, then I recommend a short birdcage veil so that you feel like a bride without having too many layers of fabric. 

If you are having a winter wedding, then why not pair a fur-lined cape with a waltz length veil as shown below? Anything longer than waltz length / knee length will probably be too much paired with your cape.

fur lined cloak with wedding veil for winter wedding

What is the difference between a bridal cape and bridal wings?

 A bridal cape is a single, solid piece of fabric whereas the bridal wings are two separate pieces that attach at each shoulder. The cape generally gives a bit more coverage while the wings are a feminine, delicate accessory that are typically a bit more sheer. 

My dress is strapless – can I still wear a cape?

Absolutely! You can definitely wear a cape with your strapless gown. Many brides do as they like the coverage that the cape gives. You have two options.

1) Pin the cape towards the front of the gown at the top edge of the bodice.

star and moon celestial cape over shoulders

2) Pin you cape to the back top edge of your gown. 

gold bridal cape pinned to lace dress for crater wedding

Bridal Cape or Bridal Veil?

Just as the stereotypical white wedding dress isn’t right for every bride, the traditional wedding veil also isn't right for everyone. Whether you are a traditional, clean, modern, feminine, or dramatic bride, there  is a bridal cape that fits your aesthetic and style. Contact me for free tulle samples and for a personalized cape recommendation.

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