butterfly wedding veil for mom and daughter on wedding day

Most Creative Ways to Personalize your Bridal Veil and Bridal Dress

Your wedding day is a canvas for self-expression, and what better way to make it uniquely yours than by personalizing your bridal ensemble? From your veil to your dress, infusing special touches can elevate your look from beautiful to breathtaking. In this guide, we'll explore the most imaginative and meaningful ways to add that extra layer of personality to your bridal attire.

No cookie-cutter brides, please! You are unique and your wedding look should reflect that.

tulle bridal cape with small shoulder bows for plunging V bridal dress

oversize shoulder wing cape for NYC wedding downtown

Top Ideas to customize your bridal dress + veil 

Appliqued Butterflies for Loved Ones  

Butterfly Design: Imagine delicate butterflies embroidered onto the fabric of your bridal dress and veil. These butterflies can vary in size and shape, creating a dynamic and natural appearance. Consider having the butterflies arranged in a scattered and organic pattern, as if they are gently fluttering around you.

You can do them in a traditional ivory or make them your "something blue" if you are feeling colorful. 

butterfly wedding veil with small chiffon applique at fingertip level

blue butterfly wedding veil with embroidery for colorful fantasy themed weddings 


The choice of embroidery design can be deeply symbolic, reflecting cultural heritage, personal beliefs, or a shared narrative between the engaged couple. It serves as a tangible expression of the couple's unique journey, weaving their story into the very fabric of the occasion.

The most common embroidery requests I get are for:

  1. The couple's initials
  2. "Always and Forever"
  3. "Till Death Do us Part" 

In this contemporary era of bridal fashion, embroidery on wedding veils is experiencing a resurgence, with designers pushing the boundaries of creativity and technique. From delicate, understated floral details to bold, statement-making motifs, the possibilities are boundless, offering brides a canvas to express their ideas.

embroidered name wedding veil fingertip length in script font

Mickey or other beading

Show off your love of Disneyland with a tiny "hidden" rhinestone mickey mouse that is placed near the shoulder or the elbow. They can be done in pearls, rhinestones, or even with embroidery.

mickey mouse embroidered wedding veil on polka dot Swiss tulle

pearl and rhinestone Mickey Mouse ear wedding veil

disney princess bride watching fireworks with tulle hair bow

Mickey Mouse wedding veil with scattered rhinestones and crystals for Disney world princess brides

Hand-Painted Details

Elevate your dress or veil with hand-painted motifs or illustrations that hold special significance. Whether it's a meaningful image, a representation of your love story, or a nod to your heritage, this artistic touch makes a powerful statement.

Some brides have even done a "dip dye" of their wedding dress and veil! 

black ombre wedding veil cathedral length with simple white dress

bold ombre dyed black wedding veil from white to black for modern bride

Incorporate Heirloom Elements

Infuse history and tradition by incorporating a piece of heirloom jewelry, a section of lace, or a vintage brooch. These cherished elements connect generations and add depth to your ensemble. It will also make your Mom so happy! 

red garnet vintage heirloom wedding veil and hairpiece for retro bride

mom and daughter on wedding day with bride wearing mom's jewelry

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