short sophisticated chin length bob with birdcage blusher wedding veil

How to Wear a Wedding Veil with a Short Bob or Pixie Hairstyle

There’s nothing more fresh, modern, and utterly confident than a beautifully done short bob or pixie cut. You love your short hair but worry it may prevent you from wearing a veil.

With a few design minor adjustments, you can still look and feel like the princess that you truly are. No need to sacrifice the most important accessory. 

Top Ways to Wear a Bridal Veil with Short Hair

 1. Alligator Barrette Clip for Long Cathedral Bridal Veils

This stunning bride always envisioned herself in a long flowing veil with lace. She was heartbroken when all the veils at the salons slipped right out of her hair. That is why we customized a special cathedral length veil with a small alligator clip to help her veil stay in place.

long cathedral lace veil attached in short pixie hairstyle on bride

The alligator clips are my preferred method of securing a long or heavier veil in your short hair because they grip the hair from both sides. 

alligator barrette clip with wedding veil attached for short hair
You can see pics of real brides wearing veils that are specifically crafted for their short-hairdos here.

2. Small Metal Combs for Mid-Length or Short Veils 

If you are wanting a slightly shorter mid-length or birdcage style veil, then you can request a petite comb that works even in shorter hairdos. You will criss-cross two bobby pins in your hair and nestle the small comb right above. Make sure to hairspray and do a bit of hair teasing.

small slim metal hair comb attached to short blusher bridal veil

You will need a slim metal style comb instead of the bulkier clear hair comb if you go this route. The more dainty metal comb will allow your comb to slide right in your short hair without showing.

simple short blusher wedding veil worn in chin length bob for NY wedding 

3. Bridal Headband + Veil Combo

If the previous two options still make you nervous, then a headband is a very secure way to make sure you don’t have any slippage.

short hair bride with beaded rhinestone headband and pencil edge veil 

Brides love the way a sprinkling of glimmering rhinestones can frame the face when wearing a headband. So why not request that your veil be hand-stitched to the bottom of your headband?

If rhinestones aren't your thing, then why not a lace headband? The world was taken aback by the charming Anne Hathaway rocking this lace headband and veil combo for her wedding.

vintage inspired stretch lace headband and long veil on Anne Hathaway's wedding day

4. Juliet Cap Veil

Not only does this glam style frame the face beautifully, but it also gives a fashionable nod to the vintage era of the Roaring '20s. Juliet cap veils are ultra secure because they are attached at 2 sides of the head with small combs.

Juliet cap lace wedding veil on mannequin

4. Wedding "Wing" Veils

Consider nontraditional options like shoulder veils and wedding wings, which provide a sense of ethereal elegance without the need for intricate attachment in your hair.

Flowing tulle and soft chiffon fabric offers the same romantic feel as a traditional veil, allowing you to revel in the bridal atmosphere without fussing over intricate hairpins or combs. The fabric cascades gracefully, creating an enchanting aura around you.

Don't underestimate how this transformative accessory has the power to redefine your entire look.

Embrace these alternatives with confidence, knowing that they not only complement your short hair beautifully but also offer a unique and captivating twist to your bridal style. Explore, experiment, and allow your individuality to shine on your special day.

 bride without hair wearing bridal crown and long tulle wedding wings

 greenhouse wedding ceremony with short hair bride wearing should veil wings

So there you have it - the easy ways to secure a wedding veil to your short hair. I'll sign you off with a photo of the biggest fashion icon of all time, Audrey Hepburn. If she could wear a wedding veil with her short hair then so can you. 

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