How To Best Wear A Wedding Veil with a Low Updo Hairstyle: Above or Below the Bun?

How To Best Wear A Wedding Veil with a Low Updo Hairstyle: Above or Below the Bun?

 How to Wear Your Wedding Veil, Above or Below Your Bun

So you are slowly but surely getting all the wedding details taken care of – you have the dress, the elegant veil, and the classy jewelry + shoes. Now, it is time to put everything together! However, one detail that many of my brides forget to think about is HOW and WHERE they are going to wear their veil on their head. 

The ideal time to talk about this is with your professional hairstylist at your trail hair run or consultation. If you have your wedding veil on hand and ready, then it is even better as you can practice where you want to place the veil. I highly recommend that you bring your veil to your appointment so that you can try it on and experiment with the right placement. Your stylist can give you some of his or her best pointers, and you can see which placement you like better for this special bridal accessory.

But I know that you have a million planning details to take care of, and that you might not have thought this far ahead. That is why I am here to tell you the 3 ways that you can place your bridal veil in your hair for brides who are wearing a low to mid-level updo or chignon. These tips and placements apply to simple raw edge veils, lace veils, and even beaded veils.

1) The most common way to wear your bridal veil with your low updo is just on top of your bun, at the crown of your head.

short elbow length wedding veil over a low updo

If your wedding gown has sleeves or a higher neckline, then this style is definitely recommended as you are creating a bit of visual space between the denser fabric at the bodice of your dress and your veil.


The Pros of Placing your Bridal Veil Over your Updo

  • This allows you to really secure your veil well in your hair as the bun or updo will anchor it well. It is easy to bobby pin the comb of your veil to the updo for a bit of extra reinforcement. This is especially good for windy outdoor weddings.

windy outdoor wedding with long cathedral veil on top of low chignon bridal hairstyle

  • it is a more classic bridal look to wear the veil on top of your loose updo
  • this works really well if you want to wear a blusher (a layer that goes over your face) as it allows the veil to drape nicely over your head without any awkward bumping. I recommend pairing a simple and lightweight raw edge bridal veil blusher like this of you plan on wearing your veil over your bun. 

two layer wedding veil with blusher over face

The Cons of Placing your Bridal Veil Over your Chignon Bun

Placing the veil over the updo can hide some of the intricacies of your updo. Many brides have elaborate braids, curls and twists that are incorporated in their hair, and the veil can obscure some of these details.

Takeaway Tip of Securing your Veil Over your Bridal Updo

If you are especially concerned about hiding your lovely updo, then maybe request a slightly thinner, sheerer wedding veil so that you can see through your veil to the hairdo. For example, a veil made from a less wide, 54’’ width fabric will show off your updo nicely. Check out the Grace simple and sheer veil for reference (can be made in 54'' width fabric).

cathedral raw edge wedding veil with silk low back dress

2) Wear your wedding veil under your bun hairstyle, at the nape of your neck, for a slightly more casual, fashion-forward bridal look.

short elbow length veil with lace trim under brides low updo hairstyle

This method of wearing your veil is becoming more and more popular. It is also especially striking for low-backed dresses or backless gowns as you are creating a lovely visual “gap” between your veil and the low back of your dress.


eyelash lace fingertip wedding veil underneath bun for beach wedding

The Pros of Wearing your Bridal Veil Underneath your Bun

  • Placing your veil under your updo allows you to show off your elegant chignon or knot that your stylist spent so much time pinning and curling to perfection.
  • A more modern and contemporary style

The Cons of Wearing your Bridal Veil Beneath your Updo for your Wedding

  • You cannot pair this style with a blusher that goes over the face. You must wear the veil over your wedding updo if you are wanting a veil that goes over your face.
  • It requires a bit more skill to place the veil just right so that it doesn’t look like the tulle is awkwardly spilling out of your bun. It is totally still possible, but I definitely recommend a trial run for this as it can take a bit of practice to get it just right.


Takeaway Tip of Wearing your Bridal Veil Under your Updo Hairdo

Overall, this style of updo wedding hairstyle paired with a veil underneath the bun gives a more boho, casual feel to your big day. It is a bit less formal than option 1 above.

boho wedding inspiration with bride wearing simple veil under her chignon with braids

 3) Do a "Drop Veil with Blusher" that Looks like it is Magically Floating in your Hair - it doesn't Matter where you Pin it in your Updo Hairstyle

drop wedding veil over face with bride in lace gown

Have you ever seen those veils that are so sheer and soft that it looks like they are magically staying in place on a bride’s head? These are called “drop veils”, and they are made out of one continuous piece of fabric for a seamless, minimalist look. These drop bridal veils are normally pinned in place with hat pins/ hair pins that can be decorative or that are totally invisible. In this case it doesn’t really matter where you pin it in place (as long as you are using the invisible pins). I would recommend this Drop Bridal Veil with Blusher for brides who are wearing their hair up.

The Pros of Wearing a Sheer Drop Veil in your Bun

It is sheer enough to really show off the details of your hairdo. Additionally, your face won't be obscured even when you have the blusher over your face. Plus, the royal wear this style of veil (think Kate Middleton), and we know that they have a chic and timeless style!

The Cons of Wearing a Drop Veil with Blusher in your Wedding Updo

It can be a bit more difficult to remove this style of veil after your ceremony if you plan on going without a veil for your reception. The small pins are a bit harder to get ahold of as compared to a normal hair comb that a more traditional veil is attached to.

Takeaway Tip of Pairing a Drop Veil with your Wedding Updo Hairstyle 

This is the style of royals as it is so classy. Just take Kate Middleton as an example.

 Kate Middleton's wedding veil with tiara

So there you have it. My 3 ways to wear a veil with your updo: over your bun, under your bun, or in a “drop” style that looks like it is just magically floating.

If you want additional styling help for how to actually do your updo, then I am loving some of the tips from Denver Bride

Of course, the way that you wear your veil will depend on your personal style and aesthetic, your wedding gown, and the theme of your wedding. But these styling guidelines will get you started.

Do you have questions about styling? Send me a photo of your dress, hairstyle, etc for a few personalized recommendations. I love hearing from my brides! I will even send you a few free samples upon request.

Need more inspiration? You can see live video footage of real brides with their updo by watching the video below.



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