scoop cowl back wedding dress with mantilla circle cut veil

7 Stunning Ways to Accessorize Low Back or Backless Dresses with a Wedding Veil

You said "I Do" to an incredibly sexy low-backed stunner. Your stunning wedding dress makes you feel confident and shows off just enough skin to make you feel like a bride while still leaving enough to the imagination. Your mom started crying, you had a beautiful bridal "glow" while wearing it, and you exude confidence in every cell of your body when wearing it.

But now that it comes to accessorizing it, and you are stuck! You don't want to cover up what you paid for but you still want the true experience of getting all done up with your bridal accessories. Read on to discover tips for how to best accessorize your open back gown. 

Frame A Cowl Back Gown 

Accessorize with: Graceful Circle Cut Mantilla Bridal Veil with Lace Edging

Echo the classic beauty of a gently draped scoop back dress with a circle cut mantilla made from the most see-through veil fabric. The feminine circular cut of this bridal veil reflects the organic draping of the bride's low backed stunner without covering it up. Keep the lace detailing around the edge of your bridal veil so that you have that sweet touch of embellishment without covering up the alluring scooped silhouette of your dress back.

mantilla circle cut wedding veil with scoop cowl back dress

Low Back V Wedding Gown

Accessorize with: Silk Bridal Wing Set

I'm loving the stylish restraint in the lines of this classic V back gown. A more modest low back proves that just a slight dip can be pure elegance. Lace appliqués whimsically gather from the sweet sleeves down to a delicate V back, and the bride clipped on oh-so-soft bridal wing separates in the gentlest of fabrics to frame her back without obscuring. She gets the drama of trailing silk fabric without any of the coverage.

 V back lace appliqué gown with silk bridal fairy wings

Vintage-Inspired Strapless Formfitter

Accessorize with: English Net Bridal Veil for Coverage in the Church

The glam feel of this body-hugging strapless beauty speaks for itself. A bit more coverage was needed for her traditional church wedding, so the bride chose a more opaque English net veil that is known for being less see-through than other fabrics. It covers up her back and shoulders just enough while playing up the vintage feel of her beaded sheath gown.

 form fitting strapless gown for catholic wedding with English net bridal veil

Open Back Lace Dress with Spaghetti Straps

Accessorize with: Simple Raw Edge Wedding Veil

The effortless draw of this sultry bridal dress is in the ultra thin, dainty straps that pleasingly sweep down to an ultra low back. Less is more for this heavily detailed lace wedding gown, so she chose a raw edge veil for a hint of bridal femininity that still allows peeks of her gorgeous back.

 low back spaghetti strap wedding dress accessorized with cut edge wedding veil

Illusion Tulle Back Dress with Buttons

Accessorize with: Drop Royal Length Wedding Veil

A unique Illusion back on a wedding dress allows the buttons to magically follow the curve of a bride's spine while giving the appearance of a completely backless gown. The bride really wanted the elegance of a bridal veil without covering up the buttons, so she decided on a drop cathedral length two layer veil - the beauty of this style is that she can wear it over her face as she walks does the aisle, but it also doesn't have any of the bulkiness or puffiness of a traditional two tier veil that would cover up her backless gown.

illusion tulle back wedding dress with buttons and drop two tier bridal veil 

Backless Wedding Dress with Sleeves

Accessorize with: Bridal Back Jewelry Necklace with Draped Wedding Cape 

An opulent single gemstone back necklace enticingly sways as the bride walks, creating a hypnotically beautiful focal point for a long sleeved backless ensemble. Her low backed dress is pleasingly framed with a draped wedding cape that swoops just below the open back of her gown - accenting it without covering up any of her head-to-toe glam bridal style. 

backless long sleeved wedding dress with back jewelry and bridal cape

Ethereal Open Back Wedding Dress with Thin Straps

Narrow 54'' Width Single Layer Bridal Veil for Minimal Coverage

A romantic appeal for any whimsically-inspired bride, this low back gown has just the right amount of embroidery along the back-framing open scoop. The bride wanted to accessorize with discretion to stay true to her garden aesthetic, so she paired her gown with the thinnest 54'' wedding veil that falls gently down without obscuring. 

backless spaghetti thin strap dress with thin narrow bridal veil

Whether you are going all in with a totally backless charmer or adding just a peek of skin with a low back gown, there is a bridal accessory that will compliment the unique lines of the back of your wedding dress. If you're still unsure, then please send me a photo of your wedding dress for a personalized style recommendation.

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