How to Wear a Beaded Hair Comb Accessory with your Veil

How to Wear a Beaded Hair Comb Accessory with your Veil

Brides often tell me that they don't want to wear a veil because they want to wear a hairpiece. Or vice versa. They assume that it is too complicated to wear both accessories or that it will look too overwhelming to wear both a hair accessory and veil.

Well ladies, I have some good news! You do not have to choose one or the other.

You can easily wear both a veil and a beaded hairpiece of your choosing.

crystal beaded hair piece in updo with long white veil

Let's chat about the most versatile and easy hair accessory for brides who are also wearing a veil... the beaded hair comb. In this article, you will learn:

  1. Three ways that you can wear both a veil and hairpiece
  2. The one time that it is not appropriate to wear both accessories
  3. Why hair combs are my favorite style of hair accessory for brides who are wearing a wedding veil

I will focus on how to pair a decorative hair comb with your wedding veil, but keep in mind that other hair accessories (such as bridal crowns, tiaras, and hair vines) can also be paired with your wedding veil. Crack that champagne, and let's have some fun!

glam hollywood downdo with rhinestone hair comb on side

The Beaded Hair Comb

One of the most beloved and classic hair accessories is the beaded hair comb. A hint of glint creates that magical moment as you confidently glide down the aisle, and it gives an elegant focal point in your hair as you are viewed from behind or from the side. 

floral clear and silver beaded hair comb for brides

There are 3 main ways to style your beaded hair piece when you are also wearing a veil.

  1. Layer your beaded hair accessory and your veil so that it appears as if the two are one piece.
  2. Wear your decorative hair comb to the side of your head, playing up the asymmetry.
  3. [For brides wearing an updo] Place your beaded comb over your updo and your veil underneath your updo  
Option 1: Layering the Veil and Hair Comb

When you layer your hairpiece and your veil together by placing them on top of one another, it gives the beautiful illusion that they are attached and are one piece. 

Here are the steps to successfully achieve this seamless bridal look:

  • Style your hair
  • Then put in your veil: Secure the comb of your veil in the hair by crisscrossing a few bobby pins through the metal prongs of the comb. If you will be wearing your hair down, then make sure to use a few extra bobby pins so that it doesn't slip after you've been wearing it for awhile.
  • Gently layer the decorative crystal or pearl hair comb right over the top of the veil comb, giving the illusion that the veil and hair comb are completely attached.
Layering your accessories in your hair will give you that polished finish that you are looking for. Don't believe me? Well a picture tells a thousand words....


rhinestone and pearl beaded hair comb layered with veil
flower and beaded hair comb for whimsical bride

Tania Maras 

two layer wedding veil with lace over updo with flower beaded hairpiece


PROFESSIONAL TIP: Make sure to order a veil with a metal hair comb (not a plastic comb) if you will be layering the decorative beaded hair comb right on top. The metal combs tend to “nestle” against one another more easily.

Option 2: Wear your decorative hair comb off to one side of your head, playing up the asymmetry.

Placing your decorative beaded comb off to one side of the head works particularly well for hairstyles that are side-swept. An added bonus is that this style makes it easier to remove your veil after the ceremony and just wear your hairpiece. The veil comb will not be nestled against the decorative hair comb, making it is easier to take out.

half up half down hair with veil and delicate beaded hair pin


bun updo with asymmetrical hair comb and wedding veil
romantic outdoor wedding with wedding veil over bun and beaded hair comb
PROFESSIONAL TIP: Try to place the decorative beaded hair comb to the side of your head that will be facing your guests as you speak your vows at the alter. This will allow your guests to admire your sparkling accessory, and your photographer will be able to better capture the glittering magic of your hairpiece.
Option 3 (for updos only): Wear your decorative hair comb above your updo and your veil below your updo.

This positioning is a slightly more fashion-forward, avant-garde look. It is not seen as often, and the uniqueness makes it that much more stunning. The added bonus is that by placing your veil under you updo, you do not cover up that bun that your hairdresser worked on for hours!

minimalist gown with veil under bun and geometric beaded hair accessory 

THE EXCEPTION: When you Should NOT Wear Both a Veil and a Hairpiece

Now before you go out and purchase your veil and hairpiece, here is a quick question to ask yourself.

Will you be wearing elaborate or simple jewelry on your wedding day?


If you will be wearing elaborate jewelry, then you may want to consider ditching either the hairpiece or the veil. I am talking to the bride who is wearing a bold statement necklace, over-the-top sparkly drop earrings, a bracelet that can shine and sparkle for days, and whose dress is also covered in sparkles and lace. For this extravagant bride, I would recommend to choose either just the veil or the hairpiece. Go with whichever one is most special to you. Remember the famous words from Coco Chanel.

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”

 I know that Chanel would allow you to go a little bit more over-the-top on your wedding day. After all, you don't get married every day. You deserve to look sparkly and glamourous on your wedding day. But still, you want to make sure that you and your dress remain the focal point. So when in doubt, keep it simple.

Let's look at an example of less is more the bride in the photo below had an elaborately beaded matching jewelry set. There was too much going on by her face to choose to go with both a veil and a hairpiece. So she decided to go with just the wedding veil so that her statement necklace and beaded sash would shine.

statement crystal necklace on bride with updo and veil

On the other hand, If your jewelry is more minimalist - perhaps just a dainty pair of dangles or a simple strand of pearls (and your ring or course!), then go for both the veil and hairpiece too. You deserve to twinkle a bit more than normal.

Why Decorative Hair Combs are one of my Favorite Hair Accessories

  1. They are more lightweight and flexible. They can be more comfortable than other decorative hair pieces (like the heavier tiara or the hair wreath). The last thing you need on your wedding day is a headache from an overly heavy hairpiece!
  2. They add a hint of sparkle without being too over-the-top. Especially if you are pairing your hairpiece with a veil, it is important to consider that less is more. The hair comb creates a subtle shimer and glint without being overbearing.
  3. They come in a variety of styles. Choose a classic, elegant look with a comb that has pearls and beading or go wild with a whimsical, bohemian inspired creations with dried flowers and twigs. Or, you can even go super glamorous and vintage with bold rhinestones.


 flexible silver rhinestone hair comb for brides

The Big Picture Idea: The wedding veil and the hair piece are not mutually exclusive. This is good news! Because what girl doesn't like her pretty accessories?

Now that you have your accessories figured out, you may be wondering how to make sure that you order your veil in the right color. Should it match your dress? Check out this article here so that you can save yourself the embarrassment of a wedding day style faux-pas.

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