short haired bride with pixie haircut wearing short wedding veil and scoop back lace gown

How to Stop Comparing your Wedding: Self Help for Brides

Reject the deception, brides! We face an issue.

The issue is society's relentless pressure to conform to their narrow definition of "beauty."

curvy bride in strapless sweetheart neckline gown and extra full puffy long wedding veil

If you don't fit the mold of being thin enough, curvy enough, tall enough, exotic enough, pale enough, tan enough, and so on, you start feeling bad about yourself.

In the words of my real bride...

"I’ve been in a battle with my own body for as long as I can remember. It’s nobody’s fault. My parents loved every inch of me. If anything, I blame the world for making it impossible to wedge my body into a cookie cutter definition of beauty.

I don’t have the answer to body image issues or hating how you look some days, but I’m confident the answer lies somewhere in God’s vastness. I’m on a pursuit of finding peace with my body and loving how she was created in God’s perfect image (acne + all). I’m also confident we’ll figure out how to take care of this vessel and find balance." - ❤️ Jordy


Aren't you impressed with her honesty? She so beautifully describes how I often feel in my darkest moments.

Granted, people may not directly tell you that you're inadequate. But the message is embedded in pop culture each time you...

  • gaze at an airbrushed magazine cover
  • watch a movie featuring flawlessly dolled-up celebrities
  • scroll through someone's perfectly curated Instagram feed.

This pressure for perfection reaches its peak when you plan your wedding

Numerous overwhelmed brides succumb to the pressure of looking the MOST beautiful they've ever been on their big day, with all eyes fixated on them. This perfectionism extends to making sure that you're planning the most perfect and flawless wedding.

As you attend your friends' weddings, and you cannot help but feel that your wedding won't measure up.

As a woman who has grappled with my own body-image struggles throughout the years, I understand the fears and the sense of inadequacy you may be grappling with. It has a been a battle in the mind that started from the time I was a young teen.

I am just a normal woman too.

Obviously, we cannot change the word, but we can do small things. This is why every signature veil showcased on my website is worn by a real bride, not a model. This was intentional.

Your wedding will be special because of the love that you and your fiancé share - not because it is more expensive or extravagant than your friends' weddings

I firmly believe that every woman deserves to feel extraordinary and beautiful, particularly on her wedding day. The women I collaborate with are one-of-a-kind, and they deserve a wedding look that fulfills their dreams, setting them apart from the sea of "cookie-cutter" brides.

beautiful bride laughing with fiance wearing long two layer puffy wedding veil

extra full wedding veil chapel length on bride holding white bouquet on bridge

Your unique beauty deserves celebration. Your beauty and intrinsic value ought to be acknowledged, especially on your wedding day.

Your differences are what make you truly special.

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