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How to Redesign Mom or Grandma's Wedding Dress into a New Bridal Veil

Are you looking for a unique way to honor your Mom or Grandma and wear her vintage wedding dress or veil?

Many brides have a special desire to repurpose and wear their mother’s wedding dress or veil on their special day. But the challenge comes in finding an experienced and knowledgeable craftsman to redesign, repurpose, and bring a vintage piece into the modern era.

Luckily, I am here to help honor your mom or Grandma's legacy and to assist you in creating your own bespoke heirloom from your repurposed wedding accessory.

chiffon draped bridal cape with beaded brooches made from mom's wedding dress from 1970s

Questions about the Dress or Veil Repurposing Process

My mom's dress has some yellowing and holes. It is not in perfect condition. Is this a problem?

Depending on the amount of yellowing and discoloration, we may need to cut around the parts that are torn or dirty. We can generally preserve elements of the bridal dress, whether it is the beading, the lace, or the satin itself. The goal is to preserve as much of the dress as possible, but if certain parts are too damaged then we can discuss other possibilities.

yellow and gold bridal hair clip with simple bridal veil for bride in cap sleeve dress

You will be kept informed throughout the process so that no edits are made without your permission. 

Alternatively, we can always pair some of the fabrics from your vintage dress (your "something old") with new fabrics and lace trims and beads (your "something new").

The options are limitless! 

rhinestone beaded hairpiece redesigned from vintage wedding gown

Please contact me if you are concerned about the yellowing or holes in your mom's dress so that I can give more specific feedback.

lace trim and embroidery edge in different colors for heirloom wedding Dress repurposed from grandma's gown

What is the first step in the heirloom accessory redesign process?

The stress-free redesign process has 4 easy steps:

  1. E-mail me photos of your dress or veil that you would like transformed along with your ideas for what you would like the finished masterpiece to look like. Alternatively, you can also contact me here.
  2. Schedule a design consultation so that we can clarify your vision
  3. Ship your dress or veil to me
  4. I will work with care and attention to detail to create a unique and beautiful piece that can be cherished for generations.

Get Answers to FAQs about the vintage upcycle process in the video below

vintage gown with long sleeves and clutter sleeve bodice redesigned into new bridal accessories

Why did you begin doing vintage heirloom redesign?

My love of vintage fabrics and design began with my own Grandma's dress. She had a strong desire for one of her Granddaughters to wear it on her wedding day! Sadly, it was not preserved in the right way and the fabrics were to fragile. The fabric literally was disintegrating with every small tug or pull.

repurposing vintage wedding dress into new bridal accessory of bride

I offered to carefully cut it up and preserve the parts that could be preserved in her own "shadow" box that she could view in her home. It brought such a smile to her face to see the lovely Chantilly lace and button detailing preserved on a daily basis.

how to repurpose mom and grandma's wedding veil or dress into new bridal accessories and veil

Ever since then, I have had a passion for working with brides who want to honor the important women in their lives by wearing their mom or grandma's most cherished bridal attire.

flam curled waves in bride's hair and draped cape veil in vintage chiffon fabric from mom's old wedding dress

Why would I not just wear my mom's veil or dress as is?

You definitely can! Unfortunately, many preserved wedding dresses are not appropriate for modern weddings without a few tweaks and design edits. We want to transform your mom’s old wedding veil or gown into something special for you that also represents who you are and the styles that are currently being seen. 

Inviting the special ladies in your life into this process can make this a special day to remember where you are honoring their wedding day while creating something pretty that also represents you and your style.

 bride who has repurposed old vintage bridal veil into new wedding veil

How do I get my dress or veil to you?

If you are not located near me in in Orange County, then you ship your dress or veil to me directly. I will either have you ship the whole dress to me or just the parts that we will be repurposing based on your preference.

I recommend shipping your veil in a strong and sturdy box with lost of bubble wrap to safekeep your beautiful piece. 

Start the process here and preserve your family's legacy with your new updated bridal accessory.

 preppy bow wedding veil for bride in off the shoulder mikado gown

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