beach wedding veil with lace knee length for lace long sleeve gown

Is a Lace Dress with a Lace Veil too Much?

How to Best Accessorize Lace Wedding Dresses

Searching for the perfect lace veil for your wedding dress can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Should you accessorize with a simple raw edge veil or try to match your dress lace exactly? 

Don't worry - you can create the perfect look for your special day, without the stress. You just need a bit of insight from the pros to guide you.

I understand the special power that lace has. It is innately feminine, romantic and effortlessly elegant, inspiring timeless elegance and beauty that will last a lifetime.

In order to guide you to the best choice for your dress, I have compiled a few tips and insights for the most popular lace styles to help you pull together your bridal look. 

white butterfly lace on wedding corset with ribbon ties

What styles of lace are used for wedding dresses, veils and accessories?

Soft Chantilly Lace

The most delicate and sheer style of lace, very light and beautifully floaty. Named after a city in France, this soft and sweet lightweight lace is often designed on a fine net background. Beautiful for brides who want a touch of lace without being weighed down.

delicate chantilly bridal lace in a floral design

full lace chantilly bridal cape with eyelash fringe edge with V neck bridal jumpsuit

chantilly swirl wedding veil lace in ivory on bridal illusion tulle veiling fabric

French Alençon Lace Trim

Has a more 3 dimensional, textured look since the motifs are outlined in satin cords. It photographs so beautifully because the cording really makes it "pop". It can be beaded or unbeaded based on your preference.floral scalloped french alencon lace trim

beaded French lace applique for wedding veils with clear and pearl beading on wood background

French corded floral lace trim with pale sage green accents on wedding invitation suite

eyelash French alencon lace trim cathedral veil with long sleeved lace bridal gown

Venice Lace (sometimes called Guipure Lace)

Venice lace is made from the heaviest material, so it has a more bold and distinctive shape and pattern. It does not have a net background like the other styles of lace trims. The heavier yarn threading gives it a more organic, garden, or boho vibe based on how it is styled.

 romantic rose and leaf bridal lace applique on long ivory wedding veil

 wildflower trimmed long chapel length bridal veil with scallops in white

winding vine and leaf rose edged long wedding veil on bride with wildflower pink and purple bouquet
long royal length bridal veil with wide lace trim edging and center applique motifs

How do I match the lace of my wedding dress? 

When it comes to selecting embellishments to enhance your wedding dress, keep in mind that the primary focus should be on the beauty and style of your dress. The embellishments should be used to enhance the dress, not take away from it.

When matching lace with lace, start by considering the color and pattern of the lace fabric. Choose a color palette that complements the dress or is one shade lighter.

If your dress has a heavier lace fabric, choose a lace material with a similar pattern but in a lighter or finer version.

Consider the entire design of the dress, and select a lace that also coordinates with any trim or other beading detail. If the dress has a very intricate lace design, keep the accents simple and delicate to let the dress's lace be the main focus. 

Focus on subtle accents and avoid anything too overwhelming.

Above all, make sure that the embellishments don’t overshadow you as the bride. Remember, it’s all about you and your look on your big day!

 lace ivory and champagne bridal gown on bride wearing French lace trim edge cathedral veil in downdo

soft romantic and vintage styled bride with short elbow length wedding veil with French lace trim edge

bride in lace bodice gown and bob haircut wearing lace fingertip veil before ceremony

What if I am looking for a specific lace? 

This happens all the time - brides fall in love with an image they find online of a lace trim or they want to recreate a lace veil that they fell in love with at the salon.

While it may not be possible to re-create your exact vision, you should be able to find something that has a similar aesthetic to the design you are loving.

Consider why you loved the inspiration photo in the first place. Perhaps you loved it because...

  • it was soft
  • you love the width
  • you love the shape

Asking yourself what you loved about this lace trim or the inspiration photo is a good starting point. 

If you are not finding a lace trim that is exactly what you are wanting, then sometimes you need to do a bit more digging. Contact me for suggestions and to see if your vision is doable.

Spanish colonial style lace bridal gown on bride in 108 inch lace cathedral veil

silver embroidered lace trim edge with cursive stitched initials to honor grandmother

fingertip eyelash fringe wedding veil and strapless sweetheart bridal gown

When it comes to styling a lace wedding dress, embrace the beauty of the fabric and choose accessories that will enhance the look. Select accessories in hues that will coordinate with your dress, opt for timeless pieces, and don't be afraid to mix motifs and textures for a modern twist. With these tips, you can create a romantic and elegant look that fits your personal wedding style.

If you are not quite done browsing the lace trim options, then continue viewing my most popular lace options.

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