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What to do when you hate your Wedding Dress: Bridal Regrets

You loved your gown! It made you feel beautiful! You said "yes" with enthusiasm.

Then you walked away, and the weeks and months started to pass... Now each time you look at the photos, you notice something about your gown that is not quite right. Maybe it shows some of your "problem" areas. Maybe it falls a bit flat compared to some of the other gowns you've been seeing on social media.

Your regrets are normal! I cannot tell you how many of my brides tell me that they are second-guessing their gown.

Experiencing wedding dress regret can be a challenging and emotional situation, but there are several steps you can take to address it and find a solution that leaves you feeling more confident and content about your wedding attire. These are good first steps before you change your dress completely.

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Try on your Wedding Dress Again 

Remind yourself of the reasons you chose your dress initially. Reflect on the aspects that made you fall in love with it in the first place. See if your salon has a sample of it that you can try on again to reevaluate.

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Talk to Someone You Trust

Share your feelings with a close friend, family member, or your partner. Sometimes, talking through your concerns can provide clarity and emotional support.

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Put Into Words What you Are or Aren't Liking about your Bridal Dress

Try to put into words why you are feeling uncomfortable in it. Does it show off an area of your body you are uncomfortable with?

I will give a real life example. My bride loved her strapless gown but thought it showed too much of her arms. So we decided to add some sleeves to give a bit more coverage. It totally changed her outlook! 

removable elven style bridal sleeves with lace on bride in sweetheart neckline gown

bride and groom for city wedding with bride in elven flare bridal sleeves with lace and tulle to give arm coverage

Consider Bridal Accessories, Wedding Dress Separates, or Tulle Sleeves

Sometimes minor changes (like putting on some gloves or adding sleeves) can make a significant difference. Consider adding a belt, veil, headpiece, or jewelry to enhance the dress's appeal and reflect your personality. You can do a super long bridal veil that gives you that "train" your gown doesn't have. Or your bridal jewelry can give you that sparkle that your gown is lacking.

simple silk gown accessorized with nude bridal cape and star bridal crown as she reclines on sofa pre-wedding

silk sheath bridal gown with bride wearing gold crown and bridal cape veil from chiffon over shoulders

Seek Style Advice from a Wedding Consultant 

Schedule a consultation with a bridal stylist. They can offer insights and suggestions on how to modify or accessorize your dress to align with your current preferences.

If you are feeling doubtful, I am happy to offer my opinion as an expert in the industry for 10+ years. Ask me about your gown or worries you have here.

Accept the Imperfections in Your Bridal Dress

Remember that no dress is perfect, and minor imperfections are normal. Focus on the overall experience and the love you're celebrating. Your fiance isn't perfect, but you love him anyways! It is the same with your gown.

classic cathedral wedding in church with bride wearing extra long French alencon lace trimmed cathedral veil

elegant church wedding with stain glass and bride in royal long cathedral wedding veil with corded eyelash lace trim in ivory

Wedding dress regret is a common experience, and it's okay to have doubts or concerns.

However, if your regret is significant and you have the budget for it, think about getting a second dress that complements your original one. This can be an outfit change for the reception or ceremony, or even for pre-wedding events.

By taking these steps and seeking support, you can navigate this challenging situation and ensure that you feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day.

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