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How to Attach the Wedding Veil to Your Hair: Best Tips

When it comes to a worry-free walk down the aisle, one of the most important details to consider is how to properly attach the wedding veil to your hair. Whether you’re wearing a birdcage veil or a traditional cathedral veil, having the veil securely attached to your hair is essential for achieving the style you want for your special day. This guide will cover the various ways to attach a wedding veil to your hair so that you can look like a dream come true.

clear and metal hair combs for bridal veils and custom accessories

Styles of Combs, Clips and Veil Attachments for Your Hair

There are a few different options for attaching the veil to your hair. A few of the most popular ways to secure the veil to your hair are listed below.

The 3 inch Metal Hair Comb

This is the most popular style of attachment for bridal veils because it is slim, non-bulky, and it is very sturdy. It also doesn't move around and I have found that it grips the hair very well.

A few other reasons to go with this are because the metal hair comb is:

  1. Comfortable: Metal combs are lightweight and won't pull or tug on your hair like pins and clips.
  2. Durable: Metal combs are sturdier and more durable than other materials, ensuring that your veil stays in place. You can literally drop the bridal veil and stomp on it without it breaking. Don't try this at home though, please. 😂
  3. Versatile: Metal combs can be used with a variety of veils, from traditional long veils to shorter, more modern styles.
  4. Diverse: Most metal combs are available in silver, gold, rose gold, and even black based on your preference. Match it with your jewelry or choose a color that is discreet in your hair.

3 inch silver metal hair comb with rose lace Venice cathedral veil attached

silver metal, gold metal, and rose gold metal bridal hair combs to attach a wedding veil to

The 3 inch Clear Hair Comb

I love these because the are - you guessed it - CLEAR! It is see-through and will blend in well with your hair.

The one downside is that these are not as easy to secure with extra bobby pins if needed. Because of this, I generally only use the clear style if the bride's hair stylist has requested a clear comb.

Pro Tip for Attachments: Ask your hair stylist which style of hair comb they prefer

clear plastic wedding veil hair comb for brides wearing hair down

bridesmaid in champagne dress putting long bridal veil in ivory into bride's updoThe Extra Long Hair Combs (4-5 inches)

For brides who want a bit of extra shoulder coverage, a slightly longer 4 or 5 inch comb helps secure the veil and keep it spread out around your shoulders even as you move around. I also love the extra wide combs for veils that are "extra puffy" and voluminous as it helps create that volume and fullness.

Get the perfect amount of coverage and make a beautiful statement on your special day with the added length of the comb attachment.

extra long 5 inch bridal veil hair comb for full veil styles

extra long and full cathedral wedding veil on plus size stunning bride in lace gown

An Unwrapped Slim Comb

If you are wanting no volume or puffiness and you are a minimalist bride, then I would consider an unwrapped slim metal comb.

Most bridal veil combs are wrapped in tulle or ribbon at the top to allow the veil to be disguised in your hair. But you can request an unwrapped slim metal comb to help you achieve a minimalist bridal look.

If you go this route, then make sure the comb matches your hair color. So if you are blonde, I would go with a gold metal comb, if a brunette then go with a black metal comb.

minimalist silk bridal veil with gold comb over low updo

botanical wedding ceremony with updo bridal hairstyle with minimalist silk bridal veil over bun.

simple silk cathedral length wedding gown hanging on wall

Barette and Alligator Clip Veils

The alligator clips are my preferred method for short-haired brides (bobs or pixie cuts) because their curved structure allows for a firm grip on both sides of your hair. They won’t slip out and will help keep the veil in place all day long, no matter how active you are. The clip style is a perfect choice for short hair or for brides who will be putting the veil in their own hair (such as for small elopements).

If you would like to read more tips for short-hair brides then check out the Guide to Wearing a Veil with Short Hair.

barrette clip wedding veil for brides with short hair or thin hair

short haired pixie bridal hairstyle with orange leave headband and long wedding veil in white

Hair Pins (No Comb)

This is the Way Kate Middleton achieved her bridal day look. And if it was fitting for a princess, then you can certainly pull it off too. While combs are the traditional way of attaching veils, more and more brides are switching to hairpins for a more secure hold and sleeker look. 

Drop veils and mantilla veils in particular look exquisite with hairpins as an attachment. Hairpins secure the veil perfectly in place without the need for gathering, making it a great choice for these delicate and non-gathered styles.

You can choose decorative pearl or rhinestone hair pins or non-decorative ones.

pearl hairpin for bridal veils and delicate fabrics

 drop blusher cathedral wedding veil in white

sheer drop wedding veil over updo with V neckline gown and pink bouquet

How do I attach a wedding veil to my hair clip or tiara

If you are layering a decorative hair accessory with your wedding veil, then you have a few options.

1) The first choice is to have the wedding veil sewn to your hair clip or tiara

I will often sew my wedding veils to a special vintage barrette or decorative hairpiece that my brides provide. Other times, my brides will request for me to sew the veil to one of my hair accessories.

Depending on the delicacy of the hairpiece, some veils may not be able to be sewn directly to the tiara or hairpiece. In this case, I would recommend a hook and eye closure or even velcro. Yes, you read that correctly... velcro. 

bride wearing ballgown and cathedral lace wedding veil with purple sash around waist

 sparkly beaded pearl hairpiece attached to long bridal cathedral veil in updo

The second choice is to give the appearance that the wedding veil is attached to your tiara without it actually being attached. In this case, you would have your wedding veil attached to a slim metal hair comb. You would follow these steps:

1. Position the bridal veil comb in your hair

2. Criss cross bobby pins over the metal prongs of the hair comb

2. Gently position the tiara or hairpiece over and on top of your bridal veil comb

4. Once both pieces have been secured, use your hands to delicately smooth out the veil and headpiece so that they form a seamless transition - with one flowing effortlessly into the other.

romantic Hollywood style California wedding with bride in gold tiara and long veil in red getaway car

black tie formal wedding with bride in gold tiara and silk cathedral wedding veil as groom kisses her cheek

bridesmaid helping bride put on custom cathedral length bride veil with comb

long lace wedding veil beaded crystal and pearl hairpiece

Does your wedding day updo or down-do hairstyle effect the comb attachment that is best for your veil?

Most Definitely! Most updos and half up, half down hairstyle with a bit of curl are easiest to work with as the veil will have more to grip onto. However, an all down, stick straight hairstyle will be a bit more challenging to work with. 

Your hairstyle will help determine the attachment of your veil. Most updos and half up, half down hairstyles with a bit of curl are the easiest to work with. These styles provide a bit of grip, allowing the veil to be more secure and easier to manage. On the flip side, an all down, stick straight hairstyle can be more challenging to work with. The veil won’t have much to cling onto and can be more likely to slip and slide.

So if you plan on wearing your hair all down, consider doing a style with a bit of wave. I have also found it helpful if you criss-cross bobby pins in your hair as a base for the hair comb to anchor onto. And don't forget the hairspray!

 short bob hair with shoulder length wedding veil and bridal suit with waist cutouts

glimmer knee length wedding veil in curled long hair and mermaid wedding dress

Are you afraid your veil might come loose during your special day and leave you feeling embarrassed? You want to look your best for your wedding day, and you don’t want the hassle of constantly making sure your veil is in place or worrying about it coming undone. With the right comb attachment, you can keep your veil in place for the entire day with no fuss or worry.

Take the stress out of your wedding day and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your veil will stay in place. Get a personalized styling recommendation on the best hair attachment for your style. 


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