pearl beaded long wedding veil with crystals and rhinestone edge for Sofia style wedding

Get the Celebrity Look: Sofia Richie's Resin Water Droplet Veil Tutorial

When Lionel Richie's daughter, Sofia, decided to add her own touch of uniqueness to her wedding day, she sought out a stunning veil that would catch the light like drops of water. Collaborating with Chanel, they created a mesmerizing long veil adorned with resin water droplets. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of this extraordinary veil and explore how you can achieve a similar look with the help of resin.

Capturing the Essence of Sofia Richie's Veil

My bride reached out to me obsessed with Sofia's look. She originally wanted a look that was exactly identical, but after viewing her wedding dress I recommended making her veil just a touch shorter than Sofia's veil so that we didn't overwhelm her.

Our goal was to capture the essence of Sofia Richie's veil without copying it, ensuring that it radiated elegance and caught the light like drops of water. The key ingredient for achieving this effect was resin, a versatile material known for its glossy finish and the ability to encapsulate various elements and dyes.

dew drop Sofia Richie wedding veil that is a sheer minimalist style

ballgown wedding dress with drop two layer wedding veil in Sofia Richie style

Materials and Preparation for the Bride's Custom Veil

To begin our creative process, we gathered the necessary materials:

  • the gorgeous silk blend fabric in off white to match the bride's "diamond white" gown
  • high-quality resin
  • glitter
  • reflective gloss coating
  • the metal hair comb

The bride-to-be, entrusting us with her vision, collaborated closely to ensure that her personalized touch was incorporated flawlessly. I texted her photos along the way to make sure she loved it.

custom bridal veil DIY process to create Sofia Richie's wedding veil

Creating the Resin Water Droplets

The first step was to prepare the resin mixture. We chose a clear, translucent resin to mimic the appearance of water droplets. Carefully measuring the resin and mixing it according to the manufacturer's instructions, we added a touch of glitter to create the desired sparkle. The reflective sequins were strategically placed within the resin to emulate the effect of light-catching droplets.

Make sure to use gloves if doing this yourself! This material is a bit finicky.


rhinestone and pearl scattered beaded wedding veil

Application and Customization of the Bride's Drop Veil

Once the resin mixture was ready, we meticulously applied it to the veil. With careful precision, we crafted each water droplet, ensuring they were evenly distributed and secured onto the fabric. The customization process allowed the bride's personality and style to shine through, as we tailored the density and placement of the droplets to her preference.

She loved the glimmer effect, but wanted more water droplets. It took a while to get to perfect amount of droplets, but we got there eventually!

romantic dew drop rhinestone wedding veil drop style on bride wearing strapless ballgown for black tie affair
scattered beaded dew drop long wedding veil for Sofia style bridal veil

Finishing Touches and Sewing to the Comb

After the resin had cured, we carefully inspected the veil to ensure the droplets were securely attached and seamlessly blended with the fabric. Any imperfections were removed, guaranteeing that the veil looked immaculate from every angle.

While veils come in various styles, this bride really wanted her veil attached to a comb to ensure a secure fit throughout the day. She didn't want to worry about it falling out partway through.

mom putting wedding veil with comb in hair for classic elegant bride

The Bride's Reaction

Her big day has not arrived yet - she has to wait until the end of this year. However, the bride's joy was palpable even via her email where she was raving about how her "her vision had been brought to life".

Now she has to wait for her wedding day to wear it. I don't know who is more excited - her or me! 

In the realm of bridal fashion, the possibilities are endless. By infusing creativity and innovative materials like resin, brides can truly express their unique style. The journey of recreating this veil not only showcased the transformative power of customized design but also served as a reminder that every bride deserves to feel like a radiant and one-of-a-kind vision on her special day.

long scattered rhinestone and sequins resin wedding veil custom

Sofia Richie inspired rhinestone sparkly wedding veil with resin and clear beads

Get Started on your own Dew Droplet Veil

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