How to Become a Bridal Accessories Designer: Veils, Capes, Gloves... Oh My!

How to Become a Bridal Accessories Designer: Veils, Capes, Gloves... Oh My!

Well Hi There!

I am Alisha.

I am a So Cal girl in my 30-somethings who loves making women feel beautiful. I am a bridal veil designer and run a small business. 

custom bridal veil and wedding cape designer in Southern California

Although I boast 10,000 brides in over 23 countries, each bride is more than a statistic. She is a name, a story, a personality, and so much more.

I am also very into: dark chocolate (the darker the better), comfy thick socks, and singing in the shower... and everywhere else.

bridal veil designer eating chocolate cake

How does an ex-paralegal become a bridal veil fashion designer and entrepreneur? 

I didn’t always have this business: the hundreds of beautiful brides, the stunning lace accessories gracing rooms of my home, and the love of entrepreneurship.

In fact, less than a decade ago you would have found me in my "business casual" pencil skirt and button down blouse sitting in the stain glass high-rise  building of my corporate America job. 

God‘s providence takes us down unusual pathways sometimes.

I never envisioned my life to turn out like this, but I am so grateful for His guiding hand every step of the way.  

In retrospect, I probably should’ve known that...

the girl who would spend hours cutting up her Grandma's vintage wedding would one day become a bridal accessories designer. 

cutting up vintage lace wedding dress into new piece and bodice

Currently I’m probably 

Sipping strong coffee (with lots of cream and sugar) in my comfy pants as I drape and play with soft fabrics and lace. All the while, I am  dreaming of how it belongs to a certain bride and how this piece will in a small way reflect the unique masterpiece that she is. 

wedding veil designer sewing custom long cathedral length bridal veil

Want to know what makes me excited?

Helping brides to feel beautiful and valued.

Highlighting a person's beauty in a world that tells us we are never enough. Emphasizing the strengths and the unique beauty in each bride via one-on-one interactions where I will learn a bit about their hopes, their passions, and their visions. 

bride in rhinestone studded gown with v back and crystal edge cathedral bridal veil

A few of the things I answer to...

Child of God

This is my most important identity! All else pales in comparison. I love Jesus, I love that he chooses me, and I love that he relentlessly pursues me.

Alisha worshipping on stage

Bridal Veil Designer:

I love the accessory design process, and when I'm creating something that is unique and tailored to the individual, I experience a sense of joy that is hard to describe.

positioning bridal veil hair comb in bride's curly half up half down hair

Small Business Owner

I love learning from my fellow small businesses and learning how we can support one another.

small business and entrepreneurship talks and learning


I love teaching others about the beauty of designing handcrafted pieces, and I encourage my mothers of the brides to be bold enough to consider DIYing their veil! I am here to help. 

DIY bridal veil accessories with lace and sewing your own wedding veil

Sha (friends and family)

A silly nickname that held on throughout the years. I am now proud to be called "Auntie Sha" to my adorable nieces and nephews.

 veil designer and sisters

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