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The Underrated Power of Crafting: Handcrafted Sewing Projects for your Wedding

I love the artistry behind things. Surprisingly, research points to the fact that beholding⠀beauty -⠀whether it is a unique piece of art, a pink lemonade sunset, or an engaging piece of music - can improve your mental health.⁣⁣⠀
Recently the “beauty”⠀I’ve been looking at is a “double wedding ring” quilt on my bed that’s (sadly) starting to fall apart. Each one of these little patches is carefully stitched together. I’m not a quilter but I can appreciate the beauty (and the time) behind the carefully stitched 1” panels of fabric.⁣⁣⠀


The story is that this was made by my great great grandmother and her sewing circle friends. I guess this used to be a thing - all the community getting together to work on a quilt for whoever was getting married. Isn’t that so sweet?⁣⁣⠀
Do you think things were simpler back then?

I love my idealized version of what life was like back then - this fairy tale story of ladies getting together to celebrate an exciting chapter of their life and to support the bride-to-be. But I know they were still human and had all the same hurts, hang-ups and challenges we can experience today. ⁣⁣⠀

I wonder if years from now people will look at my brides' carefully preserved wedding veil and dresses and wonder who made them. Maybe people will look at your designs and handcrafted treasures and wonder about you.

white cathedral bridal veil with script embroidery and pearls and beading

Greek Orthodox unity ceremony with ribbons and lasso for church wedding

Crafting can Boost your Mental Health

Sewing and crafting have been my sanctuary, a space where creativity intertwines with healing during life's most challenging seasons. Through my journey, I've learned that creativity has the power to mend and uplift us through moments of difficulty.

I wholeheartedly believe that the transformative + healing potential of creating works of art with your hands can be yours.

My mom was the one who inspired me to take up something creative. Her creative outlet was yarn, but I quickly discovered that fabrics were more my thing.

designer making a veil for wedding and teaching the DIY process

generations of women who celebrate via handcrafted wedding projects

Crafting can Strengthen your Family Legacy

Through generations, the art of creating with our hands has been a thread that binds our family's history together, weaving a rich tapestry of memories, skills, and love.

My favorite customer inquiries are the ones where mother + daughter or grandmother + granddaughter are embarking on a crafting journey as they prepare for the bride's special day. Sometimes the Mother of the Bride want to make her daughter's veil and other times the Grandma of the Bride plans on repurposing her own wedding dress into something special for her granddaughter. It touches my heart to see these generations of women come together and bond via their sewing project.

I think sewing and crafting serve as a bridge between generations.

As we learn and create together, we share laughter, stories, and precious time. It's a way to strengthen the bonds that tie our family, transcending time and space. As we create side by side, we pass on not only skills but also values of patience, dedication, and the importance of nurturing creativity.

In a world that constantly evolves, the act of sewing and crafting allows us to slow down and savor the art of creation. With every needle threaded and every masterpiece completed, we weave our own chapter into the story of our family's enduring legacy.

 grandma of the bride in green long sleeve dress and bride in long silk wedding dress

grandmother of the bride helping bride get dressed in old Hollywood glam dress

Why I Offer DIY Patterns

Throughout my small business journey journey, I've had the profound honor of connecting with and listening to the heartfelt stories of more than 10,000 beautiful brides. These brides, each hailing from diverse corners of the world, have painted a tapestry of love, dreams, and cultures that span over 20 countries. This incredible privilege has not only enriched my creative journey but has also shaped the very essence of my work.

While my handcrafted designs hold a special place for many, I recognize that not everyone can afford them. I started to create DIY patterns so that more people can enjoy the handmade process and see their creativity come to life.

So this is your reminder to go BEHOLD or MAKE something beautiful! Need some inspiration? Get started with a few of my most popular projects here.

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