Unique Ways to Style your Wedding Veil with Jewelry, Hairstyle & Makeup

Unique Ways to Style your Wedding Veil with Jewelry, Hairstyle & Makeup

Consider this your guide to choosing the most stylish way to wear your wedding veil and accessories. Finding the perfect veil and adornments for your wedding day can be hard. Here's some inspiration to help you make the right choice without looking like every other bride. 

Let's take a look at stunning ways to wear your wedding veil that will not only complement your personal style but also make heads turn on your special day. Get ready to get "gloved-up" and to add unique flair to your bridal look!

putting on white tulle wedding gloves before the ceremony

Statement Bridal Bow with Veil

If you're looking for something different, why not try an unconventional approach?For those who want to make a statement with their hair adornments, the next option is for you.

The statement bow is a bold and playful way to style your wedding veil, and is sure to turn heads. To create this look, start by selecting a veil with a simple and understated design. Then, choose a wide ribbon or fabric in a complementary color or pattern. Tie the ribbon or sash into a large bow and attach it to the top of your veil. You can position the bow at the back of your head, or to the side for a more dramatic effect.

horsehair ribbon bow veil with half up half down hairstyle and long cathedral veil

bow wedding veil with ballgown dress for downtown city park wedding

The shoulder bow also styles well for a one shoulder gown

one shoulder oversize bow wing for modern brides

large tulle bow wing for asymmetrical one shoulder sleeved wedding gown in NY

 If that is too much for you, then I'm loving the Disney belle inspired "Mickey Mouse" pearl bridal bow this bride has positioned over her loose and messy updo.

couple under Disney fireworks with bride in belle updo with tulle bow with pearls
 Disney fireworks in background as bride holds groom wearing pearl bridal bow over chignon

Sleek Low Bun with Cascade Drop Veil

The sleek pulled back low bun paired with minimal makeup and a drop veil creates an elegant and sophisticated bridal look. This timeless hairstyle and makeup combination exudes a sense of effortless beauty and complements a wide range of wedding styles, from traditional to modern.

Starting with the hair, the sleek pulled back low bun offers a clean and polished aesthetic. The hair is smoothly gathered at the nape of the neck, creating a neat and structured bun. The sleekness of the style adds a touch of sophistication, while the low placement of the bun adds an aura of high fashion. The simplicity of the hairstyle allows the bride's natural beauty to shine through, highlighting her facial features and any additional accessories she may choose to wear. 

To complement the sleek bun, minimal makeup is applied to enhance the bride's natural features. Completing the ensemble is a drop veil, a classic bridal accessory that is characterized by its multi-layered design, creating a cascading effect.

A cascade veil typically consists of two or more layers of fabric that vary in length, creating a tiered effect. 


dramatic two layer bridal veil drop cascade style with hair comb

Traditional Mantilla Veil with Sultry High Slit Gown

Combining a traditional mantilla veil with a sexy slit gown creates a captivating and alluring bridal look that merges classic tradition with modern sensuality. Why not mix tradition and modern!

Opt for a traditional mantilla veil crafted from delicate lace. Instead of positioning it in the traditional way towards the front of the bride, this bride placed it further back for a more alternative and fashion-forward look. 

Select a gown that embraces a sultry and sophisticated aesthetic. Look for a gown with a thigh-high or daringly high slit or a back-baring style that shows just enough skin to keep them guessing. And if you have a tattoo, show it off like this daring bride!

This combo of a traditional mantilla veil with a sultry high slit gown allows you to embrace both classic and contemporary elements, creating a unique and unforgettable bridal look. 

drop two layer pearl wedding veil
sexy wedding dress with mantilla wedding veil
mantilla bridal veil fingertip length with loose curls


Minimalist Stud Earrings with Scattered Pearl Long Veil

More isn't always more! I am seeing brides go super simple with their bridal jewelry and accessories. For those seeking a minimalist style with a touch of elegance, consider opting for ultra-simple stud earrings and a matching scattered pearl veil.

The bride chose elegant small drop pearl earrings and a long veil adorned with delicate pearls artfully scattered across it. The pearls add a subtle and refined detail to the overall aesthetic.

The bonus is that a pair of simple stud earrings is appropriate even post-wedding, making it suitable for various occasions and parties.

scattered pearl wedding veil cathedral length with simple drop stud earrings for minimalist brides
bride holding gorgeous yellow roses and wearing off the shoulder ballgown with pearl scattered wedding veil

Playful Polka Dot Veil with Embroidered Bridal Gown 

Picture this: a radiant bride, ready to dazzle on her special day, adorned with a polka dot veil that adds just the right touch of flirtatious charm. As she glides down the aisle, every step is a dance, and every eye in the room is captivated by the magic that unfolds.

Her dress, a masterpiece of textured embroidery, is a work of art in itself with the layers of embroidery and Swiss dot fabric. Delicate threads intertwine, creating a tapestry of romance that hugs her curves and shimmers with every movement.

Each dot dances in harmony, like stars in the night sky, creating an enchanting halo around her radiant smile. It's a whimsical twist that brings laughter to the air, reminding everyone that love is meant to be celebrated with a twinkle in the eye and a skip in the heart.

playful ivory Swiss dot wedding veil with lace trim and elegant curvy bride

Remember, the way that you choose to combine your accessories and wedding veil will be what makes your wedding day look a unique and unforgettable bridal look. The key is to balance your jewelry, your veil, and your gown to achieve a cohesive and harmonious style that reflects your personal taste and celebrates your individuality on your special day. So go ahead, cast your fashion spells and rock that bridal magic!

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