bride wearing low ponytail and pearl studded veil wrap

6 Reasons you Should Wear a Bridal Ponytail in your Hair

I am a simple girl. I want to be comfortable, I want my hair out of my face, and yet I like the versatility of long hair. Here in California, we have almost all warm weather. My ponytail is my go-to hairstyle even for formal events. 

But a ponytail... on your wedding? Really?

I can hear your skepticism. It is your wedding day... is a ponytail really appropriate?

While it is especially important to be comfortable on your wedding day, it is equally important to be fashionable. But I am not talking about just ANY ponytail. This isn't the ponytail you quickly do when you are running to the gym. These days I have seen glamorous and elaborate ponytails. I have seen:

  • braided ponytails
  • low ponytails with defined waves
  • intentionally messy ponytails
  • high ponytails with face-framing side bangs

This is just the start. Read on to find out 6 reasons that you should celebrate the bridal ponytail and consider it for your wedding, your bridal shower, or your engagement photo shoot. 

romantic pearl ponytail veil hair wrap for summer weddings

Reasons that Modern Brides Love the Classic Ponytail

Comfort is Everything on your Wedding Day

On your wedding day, you will be running around quite a bit as you quickly transition from hair and make-up, sneak in those photos, have your ceremony, and dash to the reception. No one has time to be fiddling with hair. 

 If you're like me, that annoying "hair in face" syndrome can get frustrating. The ponytail keeps you free to focus on what really matters - the love of your life, your guests, and having fun!

curly wavy ponytail updo for brides

Stay Cool Even for Summer Weddings

Depending on the time of year that you get married, you may want to consider ways to stay cool so that your make-up doesn't sweat off. This is especially important for Fall and Summer brides. If your ceremony is outside, it is crucial to consider ways to stay cool. A chic ponytail is the solution.


bride in ponytail updo with tulle wedding wrap


2 Looks in 1: Change it up from Ceremony to Reception

The ponytail is a really easy (and fast) way to change up your look for the reception. Let your hairstyle be a part of the transformation. Sparkle and shine in a sweet ponytail for your ceremony, and then take it out for the reception to dance the night away in a fabulous downdo. This is especially easy to do if you chose a ponytail with a touch of curl because it has shape and movement when you "unleash it".

scattered pearl wedding wing set and glamorous downdo

You paid a lot for your dress. Show it off!

The ponytail is a popular favorite because it allows you to show off the neckline and back detail of your gown beautifully. Don't cover up what you paid for! 

Twisting and twirling around a loose ponytail braid in the most naturally stunning way, a beaded crystal hair vine enticingly adds that pop of sparkle for this high pony braid. 

romantic high ponytail braid with threaded crystal hair vine

Ideal for Brides who can't Decide Between Wearing an Updo or Downdo

Maybe you are on the fence about committing to an elegant updo or a glorious downdo. The ponytail is a happy medium. Half updo & half downdo, it gives you the best of both worlds.

twisted braid low ponytail bridal hairdo

Ponytails are Pretty on your Wedding! 

Perhaps the most important reason to wear a ponytail is that they are fashionable, fuss-free, and purely pretty. Feminine and gorgeous.

 wrapped low ponytail on bride with beaded hair comb

bridal ponytail with waves for classic blush bridal gown for summer outdoor wedding

The Ponytail Pairs well with Bridal Accessories 

The ponytail bridal hairstyle is especially easy to accessorize. Here are the most popular bridal accessories for a ponytail.

1. Hair Bow or Ribbon

A Disney-inspired graceful hair bow embraces feminine romance while charmingly encircling your ponytail. Plus this accessory can be personalized with your phrase of choice.

romantic low ponytail and ribbon bow with embroidered phrase

2. Crystal Hair Comb or Hair Vine Bridal Accessory

A beaded crystal hair vine or hair comb enticingly contrasts against the darkness of this bride's low pony. Not quite a braid yet not quite a ponytail, this updo uniquely combines the two in one glorious masterpiece. The bonus is that your ponytail makes hair accessories especially easy to "anchor" in your hair without slipping or moving around. 

loose braided ponytail with crystal hairpiece and wedding wings

3. Ponytail Veil Hair Wrap

Designed exclusively for the cherished ponytail, the effortless and airy design of this ponytail wrap veil with a split down the middle perfectly accentuates and cradles the glory of your wedding ponytail. It is the wedding veil redesigned.

It is only available for purchase for the hot weather months. 

ponytail bridal veil hair wrap for countryside outdoor wedding

Let me leave you with this. If Belle is your favorite Disney character, then you must at least consider a ponytail in her honor. 

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