outdoor desert wedding with cactus and long cathedral veil blowing in wind

Top 9 Questions Every Bride Asks About Wedding Veils

 There are a lot of “firsts” when it comes to wedding planning. Your first time trying on a wedding gown, your first time planning a party this large, and most importantly the first time you consider making a lifetime commitment of this magnitude. Many times, it is also the one and only time when a woman considers wearing an accessory like a wedding veil. So understandably, there is a lot of confusion about this classic wedding accessory, how to wear it, and when to put it on.

I am here to demystify some of your top questions about wedding veils. These are the most frequently asked questions that almost all brides ask about bridal veils as they plan their wedding. Consider this your simple cheat sheet to all things veils!  

Does the color of my veil have to match my dress exactly?

No! Your veil doesn’t have to match exactly.

It looks beautiful and classic to have your veil match your gown, but many brides also choose a veil that is one shade lighter than their dress to brighten things up a bit.

This ends up looking pretty and soft in wedding photos. The photo below shows a stunningly classic bride who wanted a veil that was just one shade brighter.

rustic wedding inspiration with ivory dress and white wedding veil 

If you have a bold personality, you can also choose a wedding veil that purposely contrasts or that has color – a blush pink, a glimmery gold or even a light blue as your touch of “something blue”.

classic wedding dress with dyed ombre blue single layer bridal veil

The one caveat to wedding veil colors: I don’t recommend choosing a bridal veil that is a darker shade of white or ivory than your gown because this generally makes it look yellow. Go one shade lighter rather than one shade darker.

When do I put my veil on? 

Typically, brides will put their wedding veil on right before they start taking wedding portraits.

The veil is normally one of the last things that you put on as you are getting dressed on your wedding day. Photographers love to get sweet shots of brides getting ready as the bride’s mom, sister, or bridesmaid helps to position the veil. Putting on the veil is the grand moment that really feels like the cherry on top.

bridesmaid positioning wedding veil in half up half down bridal hairstyle

If you are not wearing a long veil, then sometimes brides will choose to put in their veil when they are having their hair styled for their wedding. Putting your veil in a bit sooner is nice because you have the help of a professional to position it just right. I am seeing more and more brides who choose to place their veil in ahead of time when they are having their hair done. 

When do I take my veil off? 

Most brides remove their veil after their ceremony and after they have taken a few of the wedding portraits.

This allows them to have more freedom of movement and to dance the night away without worrying about tearing their veil or having someone step on it.

 However, brides who wear shorter veils often choose to wear it all night long. It flows really nicely for that first dance and looks stunning swaying back and forth as the bride and groom glide to the music. I have even had brides choose to “bustle” their long veil after their wedding ceremony so that they can wear it to the reception!

bride and groom dancing wearing lace fingertip wedding veil

It is up to you and your personal preference. You can always try leaving it in for longer and if it starts to bother you, you can remove it!

How far in advance do I have to order my wedding veil? 

Most brides order their bridal veil about 3-4 months in advance of their wedding. 

Every designer has different production times for their wedding veils, so the timing will vary a bit based on who you are ordering from. I recommend ordering as soon as possible for a stress-free experience. If you want to bring your accessories to hair trials and fittings then make sure to factor that into the timeline too.

Don’t worry if you are on a time crunch though! Most designers are happy to work with you to get you your veil sooner if needed. At One Blushing Bride, most of the styles can be received within 2 days with expedited shipping. 

How do I store my wedding veil?

I recommend storing it in a garment bag in a cool dry place, such as under your bed or in the closet.

My preferred method of storing is to fold it over a hanger lengthwise and to place it within a protective garment bag. You can then keep your accessory in this garment bag as you transport it to and from dress fittings, hair trials and rehearsals.

 A line wedding dress with lace veil hanging from the window

When you are 1-2 weeks away from your wedding, then you can have your wedding veil steamed (they can do this at alteration shops or you can do it yourself with a handheld steamer). If you don’t have a steamer on hand then you can hang your bridal veil up in a steamy bathroom, and the weight of the accessory will naturally take out the wrinkles within 4-5 days. 

grandma steaming the bridal veil before the wedding ceremony

Just be sure not to iron it because the fabric is so delicate that it will just melt.

What are the different styles of veils?

Most Popular: One Layer Bridal Veil

A single layer of soft fabric that trails down your back and that doesn’t go over your face. This comes in a variety of widths and fullnesses. You see styles that are super sheer and minimalist (aka the “barely there” veil) and you also see more fluffy and full one layer veils that have volume.

 simple one layer wedding veil with ruffle bridal dress with texture

The Classic: Two Layer Bridal Veil

This veil has two layers of fabric so that one layer can be worn over the face as you walk down the aisle. Some brides choose a two layer veil even when they don’t plan to wear it over the face. Instead, they select the two layer veil because the extra tier gives additional volume and fluffiness for a more classic, traditional bridal look.

blusher wedding veil over the face as bride walk down the aisle

A more minimalist variation of the two layer veil is the drop style veil which has the layer over the face but without any gather or fullness at the comb. It is a single sheer layer of fabric that lays totally flat for a modern and feminine wedding day look that is stunningly understated. 

simple raw edge drop  wedding veil with cut edge for minimalist brides


The Traditional: Mantilla Wedding Veil

This face-framing beauty lays totally flat with a complete edging of lace or beading.

sheer long mantilla bridal veil with eyelash lace inside golden church

Vintage Glam: Juliet Cap Wedding Veil

A sweet, vintage inspired design that cradles the head in a cap style. Very retro and glamourous.

ethereal Juliet cap wedding veil with lace appliqué on brunette bride

Ethereally Boho: Draped Wedding Veil

Ultra soft fabric drapes down the back from comb to comb for a unique take on the traditional veil. The draping creates a bohemian vibe that is perfect for weddings that are woodland, fairy, or fantasy inspired. They also can look very Grecian and statuesque.

boho alternative softly draped wedding veil for outside casual wedding

What are the most popular styles of veils? 

Single layer veils or two layer veils are the classics for a reason.

They have been around for well over a century, and their classic elegance stand the test of time. My most popular styles are the ones below. 

1) A simple long chapel veil

 lakeside wedding with soft ethereal bride in single tier wedding veil

A lace-edged cathedral veil

regency estate wedding with long lace cathedral length wedding veil 

A short raw edge veil 

baby's breath hair crown and simple raw edge mid length wedding veil on bride 

How much does the average veil cost?

The average cost of a wedding veil varies in the same way that the cost of a wedding dress does. A designer veil or one with a lot of customizations will cost significantly more than an Amazon veil. As a bride, you want to make sure that you are using your resources wisely and staying in budget. But are you paying too much if you choose a veil from the salon? If you go with a less expensive option, is it just going to end up looking cheap?

Well there is no easy answer as to what your wedding veil “should” cost.

The average wedding veil costs between $300 - $400, but the amount that you pay will depend on you, what you are wanting, and what you can afford.

You generally get what you pay for, but there are some stunning budget friendly options out there. If you are on a more limited budget, I would recommend that you choose a more simple style that still uses high quality materials. The simple style will be more understated, but the quality of the materials will shine through. In contrast, if you choose a veil with every type of embellishment, but those embellishments are cheaply designed and applied, then you risk having it look inexpensive. 

How long should my bridal veil be?

There are 2 main factors that go into determining the best length for your veil. You should consider:


  1. The silhouette of your wedding dress: In general, ballgown style wedding dresses or fuller gowns look more balanced with veils that are longer and more voluminous. 
  2. The style and formality of your wedding and venue: Long veils are more traditionally worn for formal and elegant weddings where brides want a sense of ceremony and royal opulence. 
lace cathedral wedding veil for Arizona desert dusk wedding

There are no hard and fast rules though. Feel free to break any traditional styles on your wedding day and choose what makes you feel beautiful and special.

For more guidance on veil lengths please read Should You Wear a Long or Short Wedding Veil?

Do I have to wear a wedding veil?

Definitely not! There is no need for outdated rules and "dos and don's". Old rules like "you must wear white" or "all brides must wear a veil" no longer apply.

Wear what makes you feel beautiful. After all, you are marrying the love of your life.

A veil isn’t really your style? No worries! Whether you choose a nontraditional headpiece or hair clip that makes you feel beautifully feminine and chic, or going with a nontraditional cape for a bit of shoulder and arm coverage, the options are endless for brides who choose to go without the veil. 

modern tulle wedding wings on simple gown with hair down

Where do I start when it comes to deciding on the best wedding veil for my dress?

I would recommend trying on a few different veil styles at your bridal salon so that you get a feel for what designs you are liking. You can also do a "try before you buy" where you get to try the most popular designs.

The problem can be that brides either like a lot of different styles or don’t like any style at all. If this describes you, then I would recommend getting a personalized styling recommendation from a styling expert.

I hope I have clarified your top questions about wedding veils! But if not, please feel free to contact me with your other wedding veil questions.

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